VideoGamer: Fat Princess Review

This is ultimately a huge shame as the game is fun to play up until you fail to get a result after investing a huge amount of time in a match. Multiplayer gaming is generally something that you can hop in and out of, playing a few games here and there, but that's generally not possible with Fat Princess - log on for 30 minutes and you'll likely fail to even complete a single game. There's only so much the cute presentation can gloss over, meaning some serious changes will need to be made if the game is going to have any real legs.

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jack_burt0n3389d ago

it sounds like suck pretty hard @ BBP i can jump in a game and ten minutes later am leading.

most important thing is the game is trying a different approach has plenty of personality and is well balanced imo.

biggsftw3389d ago

Not sure what they are complaining about, while yes the game suffers from some network issues, I am sure they will be ironed out. As for the game, its genius! Its basically a battle melee of 5 different character classes and the in game comments are hilarious. I have not had this much fun since CoD4 (before all the retarded hackers). Either way, this game can only get better!

RAM MAGNUMS3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

I didnt think there could be a person out there that completly sucks at this game. My God, you really cant grasp why you may be in a stale mate match? IS fat princess really too hard for you? They are pretty much reviewing the game using all of us who play it online as casualties. If I piss off some reviewer while playing the game or if I dont let him win, the reviewer becomes angry. WoW !