Gran Turismo PSP: Download much cheaper than UMD in Japan writes: While we await Gran Turismo for PSP on october first, Japan will get the game a week later.

But there the download-version will be much cheaper: Yen 4,400 (US$ 46) for the game in the PSN-Store, Yen 5,480 (US$ 57) for the UMD-version.

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Mindboggle3390d ago

If its more any expensive than £20 they can forget it. Ill just wait for GT5..

Cwalat3389d ago

Know what i think?

They shuld do this as a business strategy...
Every game that gets released on digital PSN store should be 5 bucks cheaper, in the end... that will trigger more PSP go buyers.

cryymoar3389d ago

that's what i was thinking.
The difference should equal the possible retail trade-in value since you can't resell the game.

Saaking3390d ago

The DL version of PSP games should be cheaper as there's no physical stuff to pay for. There's no excuse.

Saaking3390d ago

GT PSP will sell more and have more content than flopza can ever dream of.

drdre743390d ago

yeah they dont have to share with retail stores and there is no physical production so the cost is cheaper to make. If they make games the same price I'd rather just get the disc

zok3103390d ago

The game should not be less that $30, it still cost money to develop and people need to be properly compensated for their share of work, and its a GT title so you know the budget was big for this game.

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