Console Heroes: Madballs in...BABO: Invasion Review

Console Heroes writes: "What happens when you create a game based on a hit 80's toy, throw in some guns and plenty of explosions? You get a little arcade title that offers plenty of fun and entertaiment. Maybe some of you grew up with Madballs, maybe you didn't, either way you're sure to find this game lots of fun.

Madballs in...BABO: Invasion was developed by Playbrains for Xbox Live arcade game based on the 80's toy of the same name. It offers several modes for you to play including 16 player online and 4 player co-op, as well as single player modes. The characters in the game are those from the recently re-released Madballs, including two of the original Madballs, Oculus Orbo and Hornhead..."

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