Final Fantasy IV Released On Virtual Console In Japan

Square Enix have just announced that Final Fantasy IV is now available on the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console in Japan. It looks to be a direct port of the original title that appeared all those years ago on the SNES.

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mephman3389d ago

Hopefully this is a sign that they will release in on VC in the West.

ShawnCollier3389d ago

FFI hasn't even been released outside Japan on the VC, so who knows when this will come out.

A_Little_Girl3389d ago

good news, but i rather see ffviii and ffix, i havent play those before

mephman3389d ago

I don't think they'll be seen on the VC for a while.

Shnazzyone3389d ago

I hope this means more square or enix snes rpg games are going to be released on VC... I would kill for FFIV. It is all I have ever wanted for VC since it came out. There are so many quality RPG titles on SNES I have been infinitely perplexed as to why more of the classic, lesser known, RPGS for that system aremn't on VC. I'd love to play EVO on my big screen or robotech.