x360a: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Review

x360a writes: "EA Sports loves to crank out their annual updates for each to most of their sports franchises, and the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series is no exception. While roster changes can make teams significantly different from year to year in titles like NBA or NFL; golf pretty much stays the same so making new innovations is especially critical to making it a worthy purchase. Fortunately, the folks at EA Tiburon seem well prepared for the challenge, and have added some welcome additions to this year's game.

Tiger Woods 10 retains the incredibly extensive character creation system the franchise is known for. Upon loading up the game, players can create a character that is male or female, and go through an incredible variety of options to tailor their golfer's face and body features to what you see fit. There's even the option to have your own face put on the character using the photo game face feature..."

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