x360a: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Review

x360a writes: "There is definitely something satisfying about animated films these days, no matter what age group you may land in. Sure, they are technically aimed at kids, but the writers know that when kids go to the movies, parents tend to tag along. You know, so the kids don't get stolen or lost! So Blue Sky knows that getting in enough humor that will entertain both audiences is key. Developer Eurocom (G-Force, Pirates of the Caribbean) translated that quite well, providing a rather entertaining platformer with Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Not having seen this third iteration of the Ice Age franchise at theaters, I can only assume the plot of the game follows the movie like most adaptations these days. Granted, travesties like Terminator: Salvation throw that formula for a loop, but this adventure at least felt like it could be put on film. There were unfortunately a few sections that felt a bit forced in order to hit the "more than four playable characters" quota; namely a small chase sequence with the sabre-tooth tiger and a short task of tree stump uprooting with the woolly mammoth that didn't really fit in with the rest of the game..."

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