Tri Ace: SEGA More Open to RPG Ideas than Square

Tri Ace director Takayuki Suguro has been showing off the team's new SEGA-published Japanese RPG, Resonance of Fate, a preview of which will be up shortly.

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A_Little_Girl3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

square-enix didnt wanted resonance of fate and many new original rpg titles am confirmed

jessehaysfl3390d ago

is it really that shocking that a company as large as square is becoming set in there ways?

peacock13389d ago

Square have really gone downhill. The best game theyve made this gen is The world ends with you, a DS game !! Everything else has been average IMO.

PirateThom3389d ago

I'm actually not surprised Square Enix are set in their ways. They're the Japanese Activision, just shovel out 100 Final Fantasy titles a year and be done with it.

lonestarmt3389d ago

haha not quite as bad as activision. they don't release a FF every year do they? or Final Fantasy: elves edition or something stupid like that. lol

GameGambits3389d ago

This is great news for me. Star Ocean: The Second Story back on PS1 was an AMAZING game by Tri-Ace and still my favorite game of all time. I was curious why SO3 and SO4 + Infinite Undiscovery were so terrible compared to what they accomplished with SO2. I hope that it was just who they were working with and so maybe Resonance will be a triumph back to Tri-Ace golden days.

So far from the trailers and lil info about the game it looks well on its way to being the best JRPG so far since the PS2 era. It'll have to compete against a lot of games though next year in 2010 since it was pushed back. I hope for SEGA this isn't another Valkyria Chronicles release date where most people didn't get to enjoy it till months later at a lower price point. :(

I hope Tokyo Game Show really shows a big rebirth for many RPGs at last this year.

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Mo0eY3390d ago

Sigh, Square has lost its touch. If FF13 or FF13VS fails to impress, I'll be looking to other companies with a more open mind when it comes to accepting new and innovating RPGs.

raztad3390d ago

Those are just TWO games and we dont even have rough idea when versus could come out, so for PS3 owners is just FF13.

SE is too busy wasting money in garbage, they want to be more than a RPG developer/publisher, so its up to Atlus, Sega to bring some quality rpg to th masses.

Anxiously waiting for Demons Souls. I'm very curious about RoF.

Tony P3389d ago

I'm not very surprised at all.

Natsu X FairyTail3389d ago

NamcoXbandai got Great Rpgs also

raztad3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )


True about Namco Bandai. I want to see more rpgs coming from Namco. Tales of Vesperia is already an old game even with all the new content in the PS3 version.

lonestarmt3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

mippon ichi, banpresto, and sting are also great RPG makers. Most of the time Sting games have altus publish in the west, and nippon ichi is called NIS America over in the west. There are still tons of great RPGs, just so sad:( that there really only has been valkirya chronicles on the next gen consoles. I'm hoping demon souls and white knight can change that trend!

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Meryl3390d ago

ooh yeh this one is definately on my radar it looks so fresh, i think they choose well going with SEGA, this will give them more creative freedom, way to go.

Dragun6193390d ago

Dam, Square Enix is lacking in the console department. At least there's other Publishers willing to produce JRPGS.

Hopefully other publishers go back to producing JRPGS such as Capcom ( Breath of Fire) Sega (I would Really like to see a new or remake of Skies of Arcadia), Konami (Suikoden) and of course Sony! (Wild Arms, Legend of Dragoon, Legaia and Dark Cloud!) Its really the only genre thats been lacking this current gen.

Redempteur3389d ago

too bad capcom said that breath of fire didn't interest them for now ..

Naar3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

SE please kick Wada out befor it's too late.


He already ruined Square by even pledging any support for the 360. They haven't even profited from ANY of the games on the 360. Is Wada trying to be take the troll crown from Sega?

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