PS3 Action RPG: Folks Soul: Ushinawareta Denshou [Monster Kingdom] - Screenshots

PS3 game release are few in between as the platform has only launched recently and getting new information/screens are critical in satisfying the masses. Here are some new images of Sony and Game Republic's PlayStation 3 action RPG FolksSoul: Ushinawareta Denshou [Monster Kingdom], the game will be available in Japan on June 21, 2007.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4187d ago

This will sell some ps3s. I personally want to play monster hunter 3 in the Us yet it seems to be only a pipe dream of mine.Ps3 and Rps thats what it needs. sidenote( I played AC4 that game looks great on ps3 and xbox 360 its the best one I have played still has camera and control issuies but once u get use to it the game is great, Im goint 2 buy it today.also the nGs Demo is great also another game I will be getting along with VT thats over 150 bucks right there ( I love demos neva will buy a bad a game again)Like Full Auto which is okay)

ErcsYou4187d ago

I NEED IT. i wish i could read japanese because i would import this along with mist of chaos. to bad this game might never make it to U.S. soil. Monster kingdom will definitely sell some systems in japan though, it has the formula.

colorful graphics
a rpg
Giant monsters (japan LOVE's monsters)

great choice on games, ac4 is a great game with good replay value a must buy. AC4 is actually better on the ps3. the VT demo was tight, i never knew i liked tennis...

MySwordIsHeavenly4186d ago


DON'T BUY AC4!!! IT'S BORING!!! My little brother bought it...and it's really really really not that good of a game. Definitely not 60 bucks worth. Seriously, do yourself a favor and wait for Zone of Enders 3...if we ever see it. This is NOT a good game...I'm trying to help you!

Get R:FOM, Oblivion, or Splinter Cell...but NOT THIS GAME!!!

MetalProxy4187d ago

I seen some footage on Monster Hunter 2 i beleive and it rocked. This game would be great for the PS3.

4186d ago