Braid Creator reveals next title as The Witness

Braid creator Jonathan Blow has confirmed his new game as The Witness, and reveals on the teaser website that the game will be released on multiple platforms in late 2011.

Blow has describes the game as "very visual" and "once we have developed those visuals to the point where they are representative, I'll start posting them there."

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JamieReleases3363d ago

Hopefully we'll have more details soon, screenshots too :)

Ellessdee3363d ago

whats the point of announcing a download game 2 years in advance? that's just cruel.

Timesplitter143362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Well it's made by one guy (and some hired artists), so...

Cave Story, for example (one of the best indie games, if not THE best), took 4 years to create.

Redempteur3362d ago

well that's cruel BUT

-ocarina of time took 5 years to be made

-killzone 2 took 4 years

-Metal gear solid 4 took 3 or 4 years

A good game take at least 2 years to be done and that's when you have already the engine ( call of duty 6, uncharted 2 ) when you start from nothing , well ... it takes longer

JamieReleases3363d ago

True, it's quite along wait. Gives them time to hype it up :)

RockmanII73363d ago

Yea, I love Braid. Glad to see he's working on a new title.

JamieReleases3363d ago

indeed, braid was a great release for the XBLA. This one should be coming to PS3 and Xbox 360.

Serg3362d ago

If he stays true to his word it won't come out on the 360, if I recall correctly he said something along the lines of: "It was such a pain to deal with Microsoft to release Braid, never again."

Just repeating his words, that's all.