AmazonUK Gran Turismo 5 Price Was Wrong - Now Adjusted - As expected, the earlier price listing of Gran Turismo 5 at AmazonUK for a preorder price of £17.59 was wrongly priced and has now been adjusted. The correct preorder price for Gran Turismo 5 on PS3 is now listed at £37.96.

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mjolliffe4133d ago

I Pre-Ordered it and they should honour it, It will be bad for their reputation if they do.

anh_duong4133d ago

i ordered two copies but have never personally known them to honour a misprice

SevWolf4133d ago

Well, I knew something like this was going to happen so I didnt bother pre-ordering..I'll probably just get the game, when they break the street date here :D

whoelse4133d ago

Well on my account page my pre-order is still at the old price so hopefully it will stay like that.

Menchi4133d ago

They would honour it if they weren't going to cancel the order.

They did the same with Folklore and Lair at £9.99, and they'll most certainly do the same with this.

It's more of a system error than anything, I imagine, so they'll use their right to cancel the orders made.

uie4rhig4133d ago

coz the price is still £17.59 on my recent orders page! i hope they leave it like that! PLEASE!!

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Marty83704133d ago

They never honour a wrong price, it's in ther terms & conditions.

skapunkmetalskater4133d ago

Nah they won't honour it, never do. They offer to cancel your order.

skapunkmetalskater4133d ago

They'll offer to cancel the order

Keyop4133d ago

I've had amazon honour wrong prices, it depends how many people order at that price and if they can cover the losses.

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The story is too old to be commented.