Console Modding May Mean 10 Years in Prison

Via The Wiire: "Anaheim, California resident Matthew Crippen faces federal charges for illegally modifying various game systems in order to play pirated video games, reports the Associated Press.

Crippen, a 27-year-old California State University student has been arrested for violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act when modifying his Xbox, Playstation, and Wii game consoles. He was released Monday after posting a $5,000 bond, but may find 10 years in prison if he is convicted.

...Many assume that the main draw for piracy in the games industry are the creation and distribution of video game copies. Rather, it seems, modification of game consoles themselves, and giving players the ability to play these pirated games is proving just as illegal."

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Saaking3389d ago

It should, I hate people who pirate. Why the hell do we have to pay and then there's people who say "who cares, I'll get it for free."

Toenado3389d ago

I agree they should be punished, but I think 10 years would be a little steep.

--joshua--3389d ago

keep giving people 10 years for it and it might send a message...

"STOP! or face Bubba"

themyk3389d ago

well aren't you guys just a bunch of goody two shoes.

my iphone is cracked.
my psp is cracked.
my ps2 is cracked.

modding for the win. boys. for the win.

Captain Tuttle3389d ago

Try getting a job that can support your hobby.

sam22363389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Well, I have to disagree with you Saaking. I have a modded PS2, PSP, Xbox and Wii, but I don't use them for playing pirated games, I use them for imports (And PSP for emus, since it can play imports already).

Not everyone who mods their consoles uses burned/pirated games, BTW. For example, you can watch DVDs on the Wii thanks to a hack that someone made. You can play emulators on the PSP if you install custom firmware.

IMO, I think these mods/hacks actually help sell the consoles.

themyk3389d ago

i have a job. i'm 28 years old and am a microwave communications engineer. and theres plenty more you can do with a modded console than just get free games.

i do get free games. but i also enjoy the rest of the perks of a modded console as well.

and i'll have you know i do buy and support the dev teams that i like.but i certainly don't mind ripping off activision and ubi any chance i get.

darthv723389d ago

I dont think this is the kind of 10 year plan gamers have in mind.

I only have one modded console and it is a sega saturn. It is modded to play imports because there were so many more great shmups in jp than in the us. wont play backups, just imports and domestics.

No biggie as my collection of originals is worth way more than those who have nothing but backups.

falcon3389d ago

"STOP! or face Bubba" lolololol

sunil3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Prices are the reason consoles get hacked

Lower price, make it more affordable, subsidize it in poorer countries and you wont have so many people longing for hacked consoles

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Saaking3389d ago

The PS3 is the only console that hasn't been hacked and modded isn't it?

-Mezzo-3389d ago

Yes PS3 is the only console not modded yet which is why it is still 4 or 5 million behind from Xbox 360. i can cross the street in front of my house and get me a Pirated DVD game for Xbox 360 from 9 bucks.

TheMART3389d ago

Where do you live? Afghanistan, China, Pakistan that sort of countries? Because in most countries you just can't go out and buy them on every corner of the street besides those 3rd world countries.

Second, even with the modded 360's out there, the 360 has the highest attach rate. Thus, even with that 4 or 5 mln. modded consoles (you just made that up yourself, but I can care less how much there are) the average on every 360 sold (including the modded ones) is 9 original games per console.

Ain't that sh!tty, getting outsold on games by a console that's pirated so heavily according to you?

TheMART3389d ago

Only possible in the USA.

They forget that the thing you buy is your stuff and you may mod if it you like. Owning illegal games is another thing.

Yet though, one can softmod a Wii to do more. Like running emulators and other homebrew instead of playing illegal Wii games.

American law is sh!tty.

@ Saaking above

Everything gets hacked in the end. Even your beloved PS3. So just wait for it...

--joshua--3389d ago

it is just a matter of time for any electronic

Saaking3389d ago

I agree with what you said. And I also I agree the PS3 will get hacked eventually. Yes, I'm not a fan of American law, I think they're too light and there's lots of ways to bend them to your liking.

themyk3389d ago

mart you should change that avatar.

it makes you look like your five years old. you have a ps3 try being a gamer and play games. it doesn't mean you have to hate your xbox, it just means that your mature enough not to hate a piece of plastic.

grow up dude.

TheMART3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

@ themyk

Dude, I've said this often enough, but I'll explain it to you once more.

Yes I own a PS3. Not because I like to own the PS3, but just to be able to play LittleBigPlanet. Still though I dislike Slowny's overpromising&underdeliver ing, wrong marketing, wrong choices with hardware, wrong choices with investing in Home, slow updating PSN to XBL's standards and having the worst multiplat games in 98% of all games for a console that cost double the competition.

Thats why I keep my picture and piss on them indeed. And its my right.

Thus you're wrong. Its all about the games for me first. Even so much I bought the POS3, just for LBP. Doesn't mean one can dislike the device itself.

@ Mikey below

Dude, you may believe what you want to believe. There are just a FEW games that I like on the PS3. For example, if LBP wouldn't have been released, I would have waited to buy a PS3 just for God of War III. And for the rest of this year I'll only buy Uncharted 2 although I would never, ever bought a PS3 for it.

Actually you are pathetic, thinking to think what I think or may find about something. Sony sucks donkey balls and you too.

themyk3389d ago

bla bla bal.

it still makes you look like a immature tard. say what you want. but if you really can't find anything other than little big planet. then i have a hard time believing that it's just about the games.

so keep your little avatar, keeping hating a piece of plastic. and keep looking foolish. i don't care. i just figured you were an adult and were above the whole "i hate playstation, waaa waaaa waaaa, i can't chat to people playing different games, waaaaaa. but when i am able to chat with people playing different games, i'll just say sony is copying xbox and i'll hate them more. waaaaaaaa."

it's pathetic.

themyk3389d ago

OH SNAP. Looks like ya got me.

Sibs3389d ago

The guy had a business- he wasn't just doing his own consoles, he was selling modded ones for a profit.

TheMART3389d ago

@ Sibs

well overhere, in The Netherlands, thats even allowed. You're allowed to mod your console or have someone else to do it for you/pay for it/even legal businesses. Because overhere you're allowed to make a backup of stuff you buy originals from, and because of that you have to be able to play those backups.

And I think thats plausible seeing that physical media can be scratched, or damaged in many ways, so one has the right to protect that 60 bucks investment on a game.

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Guitardr853389d ago

What better way to spur the economy than by putting away a grad student for playing games (for the same amount of time a murderer might get)! I guess that frees up one more job he will now not get...

vlazed3389d ago

It just lets you know what the people who run things really care about. I feel community service would suffice. 10 years in prison is overkill.

silvacrest3389d ago

agreed, doing the same time as a murderer is a retarded way to punish modders

falcon3389d ago

who said a murderer only do 10 years in the US???? 10 years is not even half of the sentence.

Guitardr853389d ago

For manslaughter or 3rd degree murder, people have been known to only serve 10 years...if even that!!!

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Nihilism3389d ago

catch me if you can i'm the gingerbread man

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