Koku Gamer: Fat Princess Review

Koku Gamer writes: "'Give me Cake', the Princess cried, and as her loyal subjects and defenders of the realm this is oddly your task. Fat Princess is a team game where you must capture the enemies Princess while defending your own, by fighting off the other team and filling your princess so full of cake that she is quite the task to capture. Titan studios have created something a bit different from your average online arcade experience that requires cooperation and cunning to complete your goals, add in a sense of humor and you have a great addition to a growing PSN line-up"

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Saaking3389d ago

So with the updates the score is 9/10 right (that's what they said).

Ziriux3389d ago

I got to say this game is nothing innovative or special and def. not worth a 9, if Castle Crashers wasn't that much why should this game be?

WengYong3389d ago

Not too sure how this one is going to affect the fanboys. I know it won't stop me from buying it. I think the score is fair, and he does say the score would have gone up if the online issue would be fixed.

Can't wait to play it.

JoeyC3389d ago

Figured I would just wait until the online stuff has been sorted out. I was in the beta and I thought it was great

Fullish3389d ago

Agreed, great game.
Very addicitve

Ziriux3389d ago

The concept of a fat chick eating cake is worth the price alone.

Mo0eY3389d ago

*insert Yo Mama joke here*

Ziriux3389d ago

No that's just too mean.