Peripherals: The problem with the gaming industry

Activision recently announced that they will be bringing Band Hero to the DS and what would a new music game from Activision be without a new peripheral? Say hello to the Band Hero drum grip, the new piece of fake miniature instrument for the DS. The "Drum Grip" will slide into the GBA slot of the DS similar to the Guitar Grip of Guitar Hero On Tour. The drum grip features four drum pads which will provide a "more realistic" feel to playing the drums on the DS, the peripheral is set to launch with Band Hero in November. The game is sure to make lots of sales however, this peripheral represents a major problem for the gaming industry.

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Saaking3363d ago

It's all Activision. pfft claiming PS3 is expensive when they're releasing 10 Guitar Heroes a year with $99 PLASTIC guitars. The nerve of some people.

deadreckoning6663363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Exactly...but the gaming public plays a huge role too cause they keep buyin Activision's crap. Its not like Activision is putting a gun to peoples heads to buy these peripherals.