One Elite Disc Drive

A consumer bought the new elite and this is what happened when he hooked it up. He says "Sometimes it will read the disk and sometimes it doesn't. But it always sounds like a screaming banshee on crack regardless."

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Inasid4193d ago

For the record, he should have shown the disc before he put it in the unit. It could be a badly damaged disc.

PhinneousD4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

and holy lord, that was a effin burger king sneak king game disk. most of the time new or old that game rarely plays cus its a a burger king game.

oh yeah, might i add... that was SNEAK KING. lmao. lame.

nice_cuppa4193d ago

if you get one and it dont work you get it replaced for 1 that works.
its no big deal.

how about going and playing gears or crackdown, motorstorm or resistance, zelda or wii sports.

actually im playing edf 2017 !

SmokeyMcBear4193d ago

just a quick question.. even if the disc was scrathed already or damaged in some way.. should the 360 even be making that kind of noise.. i mean dang.. what is that noise coming from? If the disc is scratched and cant be read.. thats understandable, but the noise? That sounded like it was hurting the 360.

Vavoom4193d ago

Okay, the video is suspect to say the least, along with that have you ever heard of video/audio editing. What's to say the sound was coming from the 360. At first, it sounded like the person was blowing into the mic. Why didn't they pan back so the entire process could be viewed.

Also, this same video has been used in at least 2 different post. And lastly, has anyone had a disk get scratched by the 360 while it was laying on it's side and not being moved, or had a basketball bounce off the top of the unit while the disk was spinning. I think not.

The is weak to say the least.

DEIx15x84193d ago

This is also not the same sound as a disk getting scratched. This is a more scattered and deeper sound than the scratching videos. I don't think it's related to the other scratching problems, this is a one console isolated problem.

XxZxX4193d ago

#3.1, No it's not. It actually render through very new closer to life(tm) CG technology that uses 100 PS3 to generate such real life graphics. If you look closely, you can see the elite 360 textures still abit off. As for the sound, that's just the sound of 100 ps3 reading the disks at the same time.

Dlacy13g4193d ago

I think its safe to say that the disc drive is a bad one and he should just bring it right back and get a new one.

On a side note...if that is the level of noise people are complaining about then I get where the complaints came from. I have an original launch 360...and mine is honestly quite quiet....nothing like what is on that video.