Game Milking - When does it become too much?

Badassgamer: "New IP's are risky business, sequels to successful games are in a better financial position in the market due to their already established popularity, however when does continued spamming of games become too much?"

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Saaking3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

They should ask Activision that. IMO sequels are good every two-three years if the series was actually made to have a sequel and if they add new and not just rehash the original.

OperationFlashpoint23389d ago

Took the words right out of my hands...

NaiNaiNai3389d ago



CestusGOWIII3389d ago

sports games are different, and in some instance sports games make more progress between each iteration, than say a COD game.

NaiNaiNai3389d ago

Madden 08 could still be played over 09, and 10. T_T just update the bloody roster every year. and put out a game every 2-3 years. not every year.

trust me its not big enough improvement to justify a 59.99 vaule everyear and then drop tast years to 10$.

Donga3389d ago

I see what ur saying Nai, but at the same time...there are improvements made to the games..I guess ur kinda right as well, I agree with u both.

gintoki7773389d ago

i know !when mario plays tennis basketball and soccer!

Omegasyde3389d ago

Ironically, Activision took EA's crown of Milking.

Nintendo might steal it back however.

umair_s513389d ago

NFS, FIFA, Madden and other sports titles, Tony hawk, Tomb raider and Halo.

Seraphim3389d ago

indeed. Though 3 years might be stretching it, imo, I think 2 years is a perfect number.

More [smart] companies are starting to use this cycle as well. Insomniac with Resistance + Ratchet and Clank. Ubi w/ Assassins Creed and Prince of Persia. Naughty Dog rolling out Uncharted every 2 years; though they don't release anything in between. Every two years for Epics Gears. This is an absolutely perfect formula imo.

I think last gen we saw SOOOO many titles getting washed up so fast because of annual releases. This gen it seems more companies and titles are being pushed out every two years. The key to longevity, and long term success/sales imo, is every two years. This is enough time for the last to pass and the new to be anticipated. This model will help games/franchises last for years to come and help them maintain strong sales. Instead of the annual release which starts out with a bang the first 2, maybe 3 years then slowly suffers a quiet death [in sales]...

Tony P3389d ago

So long as the gameplay remains fresh and innovative, I don't really care when the next game arrives.

It's games that make minimal or mediocre improvements that are milking imo. Frequency doesn't matter a bit.

SnuggleBandit3389d ago

when they start slapping the name on games that are complete crap...also usually when a game changes genres they are milking.

but milking is good for sales, i mean slap the name halo or metal gear on anything and boom instant money

Syronicus3389d ago

Ask MS about Halo for pete's sake. There are too many devs/publishers out there that milk their IPs. Some good, some bad. Activision, EA, MS, Sony, Nintendo... SEGA!!! Yeah I'm looking at you Sonic!

They all need to innovate and stop raping their IP's.

cyborg69713389d ago

Instead of calling them sequals they should call it episodic content

gintoki7773388d ago

ya but metal gear wasnt a rts so halo is a bit more of milker. At least metal gear games are interesting >.>

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Saaking3389d ago

The bots love their yearly Halo and COD... for them quantity is greater than quality.

Saaking3389d ago

The have a Masterchief blow up doll so they can play with it.

Mo0eY3389d ago

LOL Bubs+

I'm sure they'll release a Gears of War chainsaw gun for all these Xbots looking for a vibrating self-pleasurer.

Ninver3389d ago

Halo takes the milk crown by a mile. How can you have 5 halo games in one generation?

Halo 3, Halo wars, Halo:STD (what ever the f#ck it's called), Halo Reach and Halo Chronicles lol.

How anybody still shells out money for these generic games is beyong me.

RockmanII73389d ago

@Beaver Halo chronicles was never announced. So it's 4 games in 4 years. Meanwhile...

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction - 2007
Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty - 2008
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time - 2009

Thats 3 games in 3 years so to say that Halo is milked, you have to recognize that, by your logic, R&C is also being milked (I think neither Halo nor R&C is being milked).

Kill Crow3389d ago

with there 700 versions of final fantasy and 26 versions of metal gear solid and 83 versions of ratchet ..etc etc ....

And they complain about Gears of war 2.

How dumb can you be ,.... really?

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bmatthews3389d ago

Sequels are getting too much now, just look at all the games coming for 2009 and 2010 most of them sequels or new iterations to an already established franchise

iNetWatch3389d ago

Call of Duty:MW2
Uncharted 2
Killzone 2
Halo ODST-expansion
GOWIII-same series

yeah I see what u mean, where's originality gone?

lyvon3389d ago

it really does seem like the industry is tilling more towards sequels than new ips

Donga3389d ago

wow, that's a lot of sequels.

LordMarius3389d ago

Heavy Rain
ModNation Racers
Demon Souls

colonel1793389d ago

They are all Sony's IP....

They are the only ones that truly innovate and take risks..

duplissi3389d ago

its not so bad when they're only on the 2nd or 3rd sequel, it usually gets excessive around 4 to 5, and definitely not every year (COD).

PS360PCROCKS3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

No they're not all Sony's IP's. Unless you mean this fall, than ya you're probably right:
Gears Of War
Mass Effect
Left 4 Dead
Dead Rising
Lost Planet

All games that are either exclusive to one CONSOLE (we're talking consoles not PC), the Xbox 360, or were exclusive for a long period of time. Their has been a lot of cool new IP's this gen. Also...

Heavenly Sword

btw I didn't disagree with you, I agreed with all of you.

Narutone663389d ago

to milk well-known and money making franchise. When you put a lot of work and money into a new IP and it ends up making money, you don't change what's not broken. But the developers have to take into consideration in adding features to the next iteration of the franchise, which enhances the playability of the said franchise.

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OperationFlashpoint23389d ago

COD will ruin itself, if it carries on like this...I mean come on a COD game every year?

Nitrowolf23389d ago

im pretty sure Teyranch is already working on another right now. and when MW2 is done i garentee activition will work on another

OperationFlashpoint23389d ago

yeah, that's probably what's happening

Nitrowolf23389d ago

i think it becomes to much when there is one releasing year after year. i would say give the next game release 2-4 years, and to me that would not be really milking it.