AppStruck: Racer Review

AppStruck writes: "I can sum up Racer is a single sentence composed almost entirely of onomatopoeia.

A crash-filled and fast-paced racing game, Racer by Tatem Games is all at once fun, addictive, extraordinarily frustrating, and always startling. Zipping along a 6 lane freeway at speeds cops lagging in their ticket quota lust after, you speed your car in a death race against yourself, abruptly squealing past minivans, convertibles, and the odd what looks to be a Lamborghini, all the time narrowly escaping the inevitable crash and burn. Even after playing the game for a solid hour, I still found myself jumping in shock whenever I collided – rear-ended, rather – with a car that suddenly jettisoned onscreen, on an inevitable crash course toward my once fearless car."

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