Sneak Peek at FM3's Paint Editor

Here is a little sneak peek at FM3's paint editor. This just shows a small part of what will be available in the full game.

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Saaking3389d ago

Oh flopza 3 is the only game the bots get this Christmas. They'll be playing and telling themselves "This is GT, this is GT."

matt2473389d ago

Someone is scared of Forza. Have fun waiting for your vaporware.

N4PS3G3389d ago

yeah ..Flopza..the games with 90+ guys really love looking stupid

Saaking3389d ago

GT 5's probably coming this year. I'm sure you bots are used to waiting what with Mass Effect 2, SCC, and of course Alan Wait all getting delayed.

N4PS3G3389d ago

Yep..waiting for delayed games..

Mass Effect was never delayed
Alan Wait never had a release date

and Splinter Cell was delayed just like Heavy Rain? and maybe MAG ;)


Saaking3389d ago

Yea, Heavy Rain got delayed, but the games I mentioned were on your lists for 2009 and you were hyping them up.

Nitrowolf23389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

i dont remember MAG or heavy Rain ever having a release date

N4PS3G3388d ago

no baby ...stop talking crap. ;)

DelbertGrady3388d ago

MAG is delayed?

That means the PS3 only has Unsharted 2 this holiday. The PS3 lineup is much smaller than the 360 lineup. Explains why the droids go "360 fanboys have no games to play this holiday".

PS3: Unsharted 2

360: Halo: ODST, L4D2, Forza 3, Section 8, Shadow Complex, Trials HD, Tropico 3, Risen, Magna Carta 2, Ballad of Gay Tony, 1 vs 100, South park game, Perfect Dark, Wallace & Gromit, Sam & Max.

And not to forget, the endless stream of superior multiplat games.

shutupandplay3388d ago

"Yea, Heavy Rain got delayed, but the games I mentioned were on your lists for 2009 and you were hyping them up."
I`m pretty sure you were tearing up as you typed that. HAHAHA.

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Myst3388d ago

To be honest I don't care to much for racing games, but that program looks nice would like to try it out myself for various artwork and such.

shutupandplay3388d ago

Forza takes a big fat dump on gt`s forehead.

Mo0eY3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

The last paint editor MS did was Microsoft Paint. I can't wait to see the abomination they came up with this time around.

Even the simplest of minds such as those of bots are entertained by a sh!tty program. Case in point: shutupandplay

I guess I forgive him though - they try and think of creative ways to have fun such as looking at sales and talking about how many Xbox 360 consoles shipped out. I guess when you have no games, or games that are delayed, and you have to look at Snorza: ZzZ, you must think of something to do.

The_Beast3388d ago

look at how cute the bots are telling them self they have game"S"

this x mis LMFAO

aug, 18 if gt5 is announced and most likely it will be. RIP flopza

Mo0eY3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Even bots who hate racing games must flock to this as it's the only thing they have besides cuddling with Gay Tony and thinking they have a new game with Halo 3: P.E.A.T.

Flock, bots, flock. PS3 slim and/or price drop is incoming. Pop in those coins and give me a couple of spins.

The_Beast3388d ago


300$ 360
400$ ps3

what was happening, would any of you bots care to tell me?

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The story is too old to be commented.