NZGamer: Grand Theft Auto 5 Wishlist

NZGamer writes: "Grand Theft Auto 4 was spectacular - sure, there were some niggling issues around the friends system and some of those mini-games you had to play were a bit average, but the core - nicking cars and blowing dudes up - was a superb evolution of the already excellent series.

GTA 5 rumours are beginning to appear more and more often and we thought it was a good time to stick our oar in and suggest a few ways that the formula could be tweaked for an even more enjoyable experience."

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Whut3364d ago

my wishlist : DLC episodes for xbox360 like Ballad of gay tony and Lost and damned

villevalorox3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

*In vice city set in the mid 80's again (best music)
*option for old style physics in you want
*Milti city travel!!
*swim underwater again!
*rob stores!
*jets and UFO's!!!
*story line co-op
*system that allows you to kill anyone you want at any time and it affects the storyline!
*lots and lots of weapons!
*customizable house,character, car, weapons, and umm what ever else
*LOTS OF CHEATS!!!! Gta IV was crap for that.
*old style wanted level!
*more gore and sex! ( ye them 2 go together just fine XD lol jk.)
*lot of hidden and side stuff :P
*umm.. be able to shoot the moon and it get big or small again!!
*space travel!
*anal probes!
*jet packs again!
*just go crazy! that is what was so fun about the other gta's they ware realistic with just that perfect amount of mayhem and fiction that made it epic!

zoneofenders3363d ago

please be on at least 3 D9...........

C_SoL3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Flamethrower anyone...

Oh yea, how about silenced pistol too. Going stealth mode is the sh!t

and more missions.

I would personally like the hardcore mode too....

EDIT: Also better sound effects. The guns need to sound more realistic..........

G3TDOWN3363d ago

Something like San Andreas

bunch of vehicles, guns , suff

cities, deserts, jungles and ... !! It was so cool in San Andreas

starvinbull3363d ago

Fuel tanks in all cars with random amounts in each- when stolen.

customisable cars.

Customisable houses.

Assets and jobs (be a hotdog stand vendor a cop or an amateur photographer).

Reality mode where you have to obey traffic laws, never get shot in a vital part of your body or walk around with your weapon out.

Ability to date men (I'm not gay) as well as women and more people online to date.

Open country.

Ability to shoot some weapons while in water.

A classical radio station.

Most buildings accessible and most doors can open.

Driving schools.

Skate boards, roller skates, bikes.

Bribe option to get your weapons back when arrested.

Drug dealing as in Chinatown wars though scaled down methinks.

Less core plot and more optional plot lines.

No more pigeons, this time have some other hidden package that rewards at every ten found as in GTAIII or a variety of types as in San Andreas.

Open water missions between ships or infiltrating ships as in San Andreas.

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osmarduban3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

No sixaxis tutorial for the ps3 version or the option to remove it from your phone or that it disappears after completion of that tutorial.

poopsack3363d ago

u hit it everytime u try to access the cheats too?

Ninji3364d ago

Don't make the game. It will just end up being garbage like GTA4. Even Vice City was a better game than GTA4. I think they shouldn't make any more GTA games as they will just turn out mediocre and limited by DVD.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33363d ago

The next installment of GTA is called AGENT, and its a PS3 exclusive.

Mo0eY3363d ago

"The next installment of GTA is called AGENT, and its a PS3 exclusive."


Natsu X FairyTail3364d ago

only pstards think GTA4 was crap because they dont have the DLC episodes. hahahahah

the game is a 90/100 and won so many awards.

MetalGearBear 3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

no need DLC on PS3.
no one want see naked man on 1st DLC, come on!!!
it for gay gamers only.
it ok, i bet gay tony ballad will have gay group sex on cut scene.

Mo0eY3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Natsu is surely anxious to see Gay Tony packing some fudge down at Mr. Hershey's special southern factory.

I played this game literally for three hours. After the frustratingy retarded driving system, and having no parachutes in the game, I returned it and got another game on Gamefly. Worst game I've ever put into my PS3. Had it had the fun factor like GTA3 did, I would have kept it disregarding the retarded storyline I didn't feel like chasing after.

raztad3363d ago

Way overrated GTA4 is. 75/100 in my books. Why should I want a DLC when there is no fun in beating the main story?

shutupandplay3363d ago

It MUST be irritating having the inferior version of one of the highest rated games.

Charmers3363d ago

So basically you mean any one that has the console version then because last time I checked the PC version was superior to the console version in every way.

saimcheeda3363d ago

gta 4 has the same marks in mteacritic on both platforms 98, and on gamerankings the ps3 version has the higher rating!so shut up fail!

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Nitrowolf23364d ago

keep the graphic (or better) and make it as fun as SA.
gta4 i was hoping you could do all those things in SA, drive tanks, fly planes, monster trucks, jetpacks, flying cars. that was fun to mess with.

raztad3363d ago

Agree. GTA4 is everything you want but fun. What a boring game. They need to take that overly mature tone, the story could be mature but the gameplay dont. GTA is not suppose to be a "life simulator", just the contrary.

Rocket Sauce3363d ago

Agreed, mos def!

They took out all the fun stuff from San Andreas, like planes, tanks, parachutes, jetpacks, go-karts, and replaced them washes...and email :(

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