Batman: Arkham Asylum Pre-Order 20% Off at Amazon

Amazon is selling Batman: Arkham Asylum for 20% off from the suggested retail price.

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Ellessdee3456d ago

im planning on preordering it as soon as i play the demo this thursday and make sure i like it. hopefully this price will still be available by then.

cyclindk3456d ago

Just pre order it now, you won't be charged until it ships... any time before then (I'd at least make sure it was a couple days in advance of the earliest proposed release date) just cancel your order, no sweat.

Mo0eY3456d ago

It will be. Most Amazon preorders keep the price until release day and they up it SOMETIMES. The coupon code may run out though. I also love it when they give you the "it'll be there by release date" shipping for free if the game's going to be popular enough. Let's hope so.

beavis4play3456d ago

i buy lots of things off of amazon and haven't had a pre-order price go up once. but i guess it's possible.

talltony3455d ago

bought the ps3 version!!!!!!!

darthv723455d ago

I been hearing rumors that you get the blu movie dark knight with the ps3 version. I can't find any info on that at amazon.

Does the movie come with the game or just a bad rumor?

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beavis4play3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

i just pre-ordered.
thanks "space squirrel" for submitting the saved my some cash!

caffman3456d ago

At the hut today its £22.71 using the code HUT10

krisq3456d ago a must have. Good deal.

raztad3455d ago

Are you sure about the must have status?

I want this game but I dont want to throw 50$ down the toilet with a so so 5 hours long brawler. Any word about how long is this game supposed to last? anything less than 12 hours is a buy later (and cheaper) for me.

iceman063455d ago

Think that length will be somewhat like other action/stealth titles. You can rush through...or take your time and set up all sorts of Batman style scenarios. Plus, the "time trials" will add some replay value...then if you have the PS3 there are the Joker trials added. Sounds like it should be worth $50. Plus, it's been a LONG TIME since I have seen video game journalists so excited about a superhero game....especially after having several "hands-on" demos. Only the last Wolverine title comes close. *fingers crossed*

cr33ping_death3455d ago

cant wait :) huge Batman fan. so.....??? a 9 from OPMUK? was it? god i hope this turns out good.