Microsoft turns room into a PC

Microsoft's gesture-recognition technology, Project Natal, could transform the office, according to top company executive Craig Mundie.

In a demonstration on Thursday, Microsoft's top research and strategy officer showed how the desktop computer of the future will use an entire office as both display and input device. The room used voice and gestures as input, in addition to touch input via a number of touchscreens.

"The real question is what killer apps [will mark the] new era, and what will be the user interface that people use to get at them," Mundie said, speaking at Microsoft's financial analyst meeting in Redmond.

His demonstration included hologram-like videoconferencing, a virtual digital assistant and multiple surface computers, along with voice, touch and gesture recognition. The desk was a multitouch surface computer. The office's walls were also a display that could easily switch from being a virtual window and collection of digital photos, to being a corkboard of sticky notes to various workspaces.

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Saaking3360d ago

Project natal has potential but I don't know, we'll have to wait and see what happens.

Pandamobile3360d ago

I love how different you are in the open zone...

ShabzS3360d ago

haha... its like 2 different people ... gamer zone saaking ... open zone saaking.. wow

Trollimite3360d ago

atleast hes doing it right! it could have been the other way around! good use of the open zone.

Saaking3360d ago

Project Natal will fail seriously, you need a controller for certain games and the moment you use a controller it's going against what MS promised a "controller-less experience"

TheMART3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

If so, the PS3 dildo fails more, if you want to play with 4 people one needs:

4 x the PS3 dildo 40 or 50 bucks each
1 x the PSeye, 50 bucks

= about 250 bucks!!!

Compared to motion controlling on the Wii or 360

Wii, 1 x Wiimote is included, still have to buy 3 x Wiimote+nunchuck = about 150 bucks

360, 1 x Natal which will be put low on price by Microsoft to get into as many houses with 360's possible + bundled with every new 360 sold when its out. Seperate price I expect to be as low as 49, but for sure it won't be more then 99 bucks.

Thus, PS3 dildo, worst option either way you twist it.


@ mezzo below

Yes PS3 freaking dildo, watch the picture attached. A nightmare dildo I might add. But Kaz comes with it, to put it up yours while he says "You Sony fans like it nah, taking it up the *ss, we did it with the launch price of the POS3, we did it with bringing no games at start, we did it with a semi functional online system, we did it with a machine that runs multiplats the worst version in 98% of all games but the console costs double the competition that gets the best version and we will do it over and over again. YOU LIKE?!"

-Mezzo-3360d ago

PS3 didldo WTF. you out of your mind or something.

Boody-Bandit3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

Maybe he is a dildo expert? LOL!

I hope I can get this image out of my head by the time it's released. *gross cold chill*

Come to think of it... Is it necessarily a bad thing that it's shaped like a dildo? If it has rumble or force feedback that could be used as a selling point for some! ;)

Hoolock3360d ago

but as many people have pointed out, using controllers is much easier. the idea is that people who dont game can play without the use of a pad on less violent more casual games whilst gamers will be able to use natal alongside a pad for hardcore games where you can interact with characters similar to Milo in an RPG

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KionicWarlord2223360d ago

Yay for project Natal apps .

-Mezzo-3360d ago

Project Natal might have some potential but that MILO game does not.

Hoolock3360d ago

Milo is designed to be a test of what games can become. Living breathing worlds. Milo as a stand alone project is pointless but putting a talking interactive AI as your best friend in battle or for exapmle sheva in resi 5 is a much better and more interactive experience. Its about what natal aims to do rather than taking everything shown at E3 at face value.

--joshua--3360d ago

reminds me of a child at recess

"my dad can beat up your dad"

I'm pointing and laughing at you from the safety of being behind this computer. You sure went out of your way with the math on this one! You'll never convince anyone, ever.

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