How Fat Princess is blatantly better than Feminism

Destructoid writes:

"Titan Studios' Fat Princess was released this week and, server issues aside, it's great fun. Stuffing princesses full of cake and utilizing the game's varied and fun classes makes for an incredible fun online experience. However, there are those that disapprove of Fat Princess. The controversy started shortly after the game was announced, when total feminists decided to attack the so-called "sexist" and "heteronormative" game.

It's understandable, however, why "feminists" would criticize the game. They are simply jealous because Fat Princess is blatantly better than Feminism, in every single way. Once you read this informative and insightful article, you too will understand exactly why Fat Princess has come under fire from those with envy in their eyes."

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Mr Remz3389d ago

Feminism is a joke and women should know their role and shut their mouth!!

SaberEdge3389d ago

Correction: Feminism is a joke AND women should be free to do what they want. Just because I agree with equal rights for women doesn't mean that I agree with feminism.

Feminism has gone far, far beyond being about women's rights. It's lunacy.

Saaking3389d ago

Exactly. I'm tired of women wanting equality in everything. I'm all for equal rights but seriously some things aren't made for women (such as the army). I also especially despise tomboys.

gano3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

People, please ignore this negative azz thread.
They site bogus trying to bring an old issue up.

rdgneoz33389d ago

It may be an old issue, but doesn't make it any less true.

Also, when posting, please learn some English.

SaberEdge3389d ago

The article was funny and insightful (if perhaps a little tongue in cheek). I really enjoyed it.

Abash3389d ago

Jim Sterling will always be my Fat Princess :)

tdrules3389d ago

haha my hat goes off to you sir

Abash3389d ago

I realize more and more that gaming journalism is a huge joke

tdrules3389d ago

gaming should never be taken seiously it is a hobby, too many people go OTT about it.
just play games you like kids

Saaking3389d ago

Jim Sterling shouldn't be taken seriously because he obviously isn't, or is he?

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