Left 4 Dead Update Released

Valve has released an update for their survival zombie FPS Left 4 Dead, now available on Steam.

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Biggunz3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )


DiffusionE3416d ago

I don't think this will have much effect on the already overheated tension they've created on L4D gamers.

Tony P3416d ago

This isn't their attempt to appease anyone, it's just a few tweaks.

If it is, it's a piss poor attempt since there's no actual content.

Nihilism3416d ago

as always i update all my games, but i got over left for dead within a week, despite what others say, in my mind it has no replay-ability, counterstrike was awesome on the other hand

Mabec3416d ago

What an amazing update, clearly worthy a newspost...

fossilfern3415d ago

Well after a few play throughs i left it for a few weeks but have got back into it downloading all the Modded Maps they add alot to the game you should really check them out

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