Meet the New Games, Same as the Old Games

GameDaily knows what you played last summer and it's pretty much the same lineup as you're playing (or going to play) this year. Bonus -- if your money's tight and you don't want to shell out serious $$$, last year's picks can probably found in bargain bins and used game racks.

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ShinMaster3388d ago

Isn't that some sort of DLC anyways? Why count it as a full game? That can't be this year's big 360 exclusive, right? Is that all there is?

fjtorres3388d ago

...Not DLC.
It is a standalone game on DVD that happens to run on the Halo3 engine and allows for online play with the existing Halo3 community.

Dellis3388d ago

It doesn't matter what it is, one thing for sure is it will sell more then MW2 and every game mentioned there.