8 Multiplayer Weapons That Grind Gamers' Gears

Joystick Division writes: "Sometimes in games we encounter things we don't like. Walls, chocobos, annoying town folk are all examples of things we like to avoid. But in this too evolved world of online multiplayer, it's getting more and more difficult to avoid the things that grind our gears and still have a quality gaming experience. Some may be petty and seem unworthy, but we're out for the win; sorry Tyler.

*DISCLAIMER: Do not take us srs. We are not the srs you're looking for.*"

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alster234065d ago

i totally agree with the kilzone shotgun. omg its so overpowered and annoying how everyone uses it even at a far range it can still be effective

talltony4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

just the chainsaw in gears. Its just stupid and u cant get out of it cause it inhales you. also yea I agree the shotgun in killzone is kinda over powered cause sometimes u get killed by quite a distance.

cyberwaffles4065d ago

i don't know man, i remember when i used the shotgun when the game first came out (never used the exploit glitch btw) and it had incredible range and it was a one hit kill pretty much every time. now after a few patches, it's definitely underpowered. sometimes i shoot a guy twice from mid range distance and they're still on their feet.

talltony4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

no its still a little overpowered sometimes cause it seems to do more damage than usual once in a while. But overall it is more balanced than it was at launch.

Edit: yea the rockets are terrible cause only noobs use them cause they cant use a real gun.

peacock14065d ago

Kz2 shot gun if fine.. the rocket launches are horrible though :(.

luckily i was one of the faszter people to rank up so i justed owned noobs with them in the first couple of days :P

lh_swe4065d ago

What players seem prone to do is to boost to an area filled with people blast a rocket at the ground where the most people are and kill them selves in the process, takes 10 seconds and they can acheive a 3 to 1 kill ratio. Thats why I ALWAYS play on maps without assault.

Jhun4064d ago

Only weapon I ever use is the standard rifle on KZ2.

IzKyD13314064d ago

Agreed, while the rocket launcher that allows you to home into bots is useful, the other one is just a noob cannon

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chrisjc4065d ago

I remember the pistol in Halo 1 had all my friends raging.

Max Power4065d ago

shooting the hell out of someone and all of the sudden the pull out the pistol and two shots your dead.

thetruthinator4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

Good riddance Halo 1 pistol.... cant say that i miss you... cause i wasnt one of those @ss holes that would pistol snipe you from the other side of blood gulch.

Poopface the 2nd4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

halo 1 multi was pretty much all pistol. If you didnt kill them in 3 shots you were dead.

I remember cause we had intense matches, and to win you had to use the pistol. The strategy was to shoot them twice, then shoot their head.

LOL max it actually took 3 shots.

MGOelite4065d ago

all cod4 weapons, i was wondering how come every single weapon has 100% accuaracy, you could snipe with a RPD from the other end of the map

kalebgray924065d ago

the awp is the sole reason i dont like cs... but i find rooms without it

Poopface the 2nd4065d ago

Awps are for sissys. I always use m4 or ak. I hate when I shot an awp without killing them and then they shoot my leg for 109 dmg.

I was pretty good before my GPU crapped out on me, so killing awps is always fun. They are easy to sneak on, and knifing them makes me happy.

In cs I dont get why the autos are always banned before the awps. I thinks autos are harder to kill with than awps.

Im a little to impatient to snipe in any game tho. That might be why I hate snipers.


to us hardcore veterans they are known as " Skill Pipes "

Nade launcher in the hand of a noob = Noob tube
Nade launcher in the hand of a pro = Skill pipe

The art of owning with it skill piping.

sorry, i just love saying

BlackTar1874064d ago

no matter who uses it

GL=Noob Tubes you cant be skillful with a Noob tube you can only be cheap and laking of skill.

Real men and gamers don't use Noob tubes we use bullets stuff that takes skill and more then one shot to kill someone.

Although im not against you using them to call them skill anything is laughable at best. I don't care what you play Ive never met anyone say skill and GL in the same breath. LOL

If your saying the skill is you can hit there base from across the map and it takes skill to do that i will laugh and call that cheap and not skill related but time related.

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