Xbox 360 GPU to go to 65nm in fall

Sources at equipment makers were cited by a Chinese-language Commercial Times report as saying that the Xbox 360 will be equipped with a 65nm-made Xenos graphics processing unit (GPU) in the fall and that corresponding foundry partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will see benefits.

The paper cited the sources as saying that an engineering version of the 65nm-made Xenos has been sent out and production will start in May. TSMC projected sales contribution from 65nm would amount to 5% during mid-2007.

On a separate note, TSMC announced the introduction of 65nm-made embedded DRAM in March. Embedded DRAM is one of the two dies that comprise the Xenos. In the 90nm version of the Xenos, embedded DRAM is manufactured by NEC.

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TriggerHappy4285d ago

Was the elite not recently released ? man watch Microsoft come out with some other edition of the 360.

Halonator4284d ago

I think this will be just like the slim ps2.

BIadestarX4285d ago

Interesting, I was under the impression that only the CPU was going to be 65nm.

cdudeman4285d ago

for people that just bought the Elite. I would be P.O.

TriggerHappy4285d ago

3 years before i pick up an elite, by then everything will be finalized(i hope).

Mighty Boom4284d ago

WTF!!!???? I just bought one and I am FU&^inG pissed!!!!!

frostbite064284d ago

haha anyone that didnt know this chip wasnt in the elite is an idiot anyway. This has been the whole arguement against the elite since it was found out.

SHaMROCK_734285d ago

This doesn't affect the use or performance of the console at all. It makes no diffence. You only want it because people keep telling you you do!!!

persian_prince4285d ago

word is it runs cooler. That would be beneficial to everyone (but probably not essential). Me, i would like mine to run cooler, but thats just me, so I will hold out for now.

masterg4284d ago

Of cause we know what it means.

This chip doesn't generate as much heat.
This means there has to be less fan coolers in the box, and that means the box will be a lot less noisy.
With this chip its might also by possible that they can have the power supply internally.

Silver Bull3t4284d ago

you lick nutz like stamps.... If you had half a brain in that booze-swollen potato-eating head of yours, you'd know that a die shrink will consume less power and hence produce less heat. Heat is what is warping boards and causing the RRoD.

persian_prince4285d ago

this is retarded...seriously..why is microsoft shafting everybody? If your going to release an "elite" version of your console, why not include that 65nm piece? I think I will wait a few more months before I get the elite...

TriggerHappy4285d ago

with you man, this aint time for me to pick up one just yet..

TheMART4284d ago

Yeah Prinzdaman,

That's a wise thing to do


In that view, you can also not buy a PS3 (will also shrink the die as soon as they can) and in 3 years we're getting close to the release of the next gen consoles.

Like is said in other posts: die's of chips shrink constantly as technology evolves. Ofcourse it's nice to have a smaller CPU/GPU using less power, generating less heat. But that way you can wait forever. Playing the games remains the same you know...

TriggerHappy4284d ago

It will be more stable, and i can know i know am getting the right thing for the money am spending. paying 300 for a console is not something you want to do every so often.

WilliamRLBaker4284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

cause sony is looking into the 65nm techniques, as well the 65nm haven't even been created yet, why would they release the elite with 65nm 360 cpu, and gpu, when they haven't been created yet?

Simple fact: If the demand isn not their then the thing will not survive so we'll just have to see whos geting shaffted if the elite sells.

joemutt4284d ago

Guess what, the computer your typing on right now, they made one better.

If you would buy a new 360 over this you are crazy, this gives no performance upgrades.

hfaze4284d ago

"cause sony is looking into the 65nm techniques, as well the 65nm haven't even been created yet, why would they release the elite with 65nm 360 cpu, and gpu, when they haven't been created yet?"

Well... The 65nm 360 CPU's may not exist yet, but IBM has been mass-manufacturing 65nm Cell CPU's for a little over a month already...

"IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced today that the company has begun producing a new, 65 nanometer (nm) version of the Cell Broadband Engine at IBM's state-of-the-art East Fishkill, New York microchip production facility."

Not to mention that the 65nm chips can go up to 6Ghz. You WON'T see 6Ghz Cells in the PS3, but IBM's Cell based BladeCenters are about to get one HUGE performance increase.

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