Price Cut for PlayStation Products Just Days Away?

PSInsider Writes: A very reliable source working in the gaming industry has leaked a nice little bit of info to us.


Story updated with more clarification on the rumor.

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Blaze9293366d ago

Well I think this is true. With all these slim rumors raging rampant and price drop articles never ending, this must be true. Just like the PSP Go was leaked so early. All this stuff just doesn't pop out of no where. Question is will we see a PS3 price drop with a slim ps3 model or just the same models with a lower price.

AridSpider3366d ago

Well that would possibly be something no one saw coming. Everyone is so focused on a PS3 price drop. So maybe a PSP 3000 drop, PS2 drop even more?, PS3 of course, and would be great if it extended to accessories.

fr0sty3366d ago

Or as I mentioned, possibly responding to the negative reaction to PSP Go's price?

JasonXE3366d ago

Announcing a price drop for a product that's not even out yet (PSP Go) would seem rather silly like, wtf. Plain and simple, wtf.

cmrbe3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

Price reduction, price adjustment could mean the same thing.

Edit: @Blaze. Sony did that with the PS3 in Japan before it was launch. They found out that Japanase were really really not happy with the launch price of the PS3 which Sony everntually found out on a global scale a few months later which is why they had to adjust the price of the PS3 within 1 year on the market to 399.

Sony was basically testing the waters but for their defence they were producing each PS3 unit at 800-900 per unit. Sony's gamble was that users would expect more from their consoles this gen to have more multi-media functions and would actully pay more this gen. Unfortunately for them that hasen't been the case.

Blaze9293366d ago

I agree with Jason though. It would be rather odd for Sony to announce a price reduction on the PSP Go just becuase people didn't like the price. People don't like the price of the PS3 as well, doesn't mean they will drop it.

"Adjusting" the PSP Go's price will support reports of Sony ripping off everyone who was going to buy the PSP Go at $250 (if its true that it will drop) becuase it shouldnt have never been there in the first place.

PixlSheX3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

But the PSPGo have been already announced at 250$. Like Jason said, it would be like.. wtf? drop the price of a product that isn't even out yet?
I'm not saying it's bad, I don't have a psp so i would buy it but not at that price.

Ontopic: "Playstation products"? Including accesories?.. come on i've just bought the playstation headset at 60$.. T_T

Carl14123366d ago

To be honest, we've been speculating this for ages. I don't really need a "source" to tell me it's going to happen, thankyouverymuch...

Torkith3366d ago

Well for the PSP Go, if they were to drop of the price to say 199.99, they could play it off like...

"As production costs of manufacturing Playstation products decrease we are pleased to announce that we are able to retail the PSP Go for 199.99 instead of the earlier announced 249.99"

If they word it that way, it doesn't seem as much that they're worried about it's original price point. I don't think we'll see another price drop in the PS2 with it just recently dropping to 99.99, however PSP 3000 should see a price cut along with the PS3. (Hopefully!)

Regardless cheaper products make for happier consumers!

ABizzel13366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

What I want to hear in order from most wanted to least.

PS3 Slim- $299

New cheaper PS3 game development tools

Firmware update allowing more friend features

Play Create Share Network (allows aspiring developers to create PSN titles)

Most PSN title will now be playable on PSP hardware (with the exception of motion controlled games)

PS3/PSP app store- Opening with launch of PSP GO

PSP bite size games- $1 - $15

PSP Go 8GB- $199

PSP Go 16GB- $249

PS Home update (seamless integration from space to space, unique
spaces like Afrika zoo, and just more stuff)

PSP 3000- $149

PS2 - $79

Now is all that worth 3 hours of your time. Why haven't they hired me yet all these ideas going to waste.

CrazedFiend3366d ago

I don't know about the slim, but this "Price cut" rumor is like going on it's 2nd birthday soon I think. Seriously, how long have we been hearing that Sony is gonna drop the price next week?

Please, until Sony announces it themselves, please give it up. You are NOT the first to report it. We did NOT hear it here first. This does NOT count as a prediction nor should it be considered a rumor.

More like an ongoing joke...

ShadowRyuX3366d ago

What I want to hear in order from most wanted to least.

PS3 Slim - $299 - A PS3 needs to be at this pricepoint, but we don't know if the slim will be worth $299 yet

New cheaper PS3 game development tools - good

Firmware update allowing more friend features - good

Play Create Share Network (allows aspiring developers to create PSN titles) - good

Most PSN title will now be playable on PSP hardware (with the exception of motion controlled games) - sure

PS3/PSP app store- Opening with launch of PSP GO - good

PSP bite size games- $1 - $15 - sure

PSP Go 8GB- $199 - make that the 16GB

PSP Go 16GB- $249 - And make this the 32GB

PS Home update (seamless integration from space to space, unique
spaces like Afrika zoo, and just more stuff) - sure

PSP 3000- $149 - cool

PS2 - $79 - imo, I think that would be a bad idea for Sony

Maddens Raiders3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

Sony's aiming to please, just like the old days...

..Goodnight *everyone

ABizzel13366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )


I agree with the PSP Go.

16GB- $199
32GB- $249

But I think they said the 16GB version is $249, hopefully they'll change it if they did, and if not hopefully they do what you said.

And I agree about the PS2. I personally could care less if it happened, and Sony seems to be getting a nice profit from the PS2 still so I don't see it dropping at all anytime soon. But $79 seems more reasonable for a PS2 than $99. I guess I'm looking at everything from a consumer standpoint.

Alvadr3365d ago

Why would they drop it now.. They might as well wait until October when the games come

Hoolock3365d ago

I believe that its 80% likely there will be a drop but its getting later and later and they are yet to say anything. Hopefully it will be a pre christmas drop but Sony do have a tendancy to drop prices and release games (like M$ are starting to do now)after christmas where it has a lesser impact.

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fr0sty3366d ago

I personally believe this guy 100%, his rumors have been true before. All I have to say for now is... ABOUT @#!$%@% TIME!!!

CarlosX3603366d ago

Its not just a source, buddy, its also coincidence. ;)

gamerdude113366d ago

This guy doesn't have any real information. Everyone seems to think that Sony will announce a pricecut on August 18th. This site is just trying to get some cheap hits. It will be pretty funny if Sony doesn't announce a price-cut on the 18th.

Boody-Bandit3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

or umm I mean Frosty, do you really think Sony will announce a price drop on August 18th? ;)

Gotta give you credit for having no shame man. lol
I love all these articles predicting a price drop. Sooner or later the price drop will be announced and some site(s) or source(s) will be able to claim victory.

It's going to happen when Killzone 2 launches.
It's going to be announced at E3 09.
It's going to happen with Madden 2010.
Now it's going to happen at GC on August 18th.
If not announced then it will be at TGS or when Uncharted 2 is released. Etc and so on.

It will happen when it happens.
All I hope is it is $100 price drop and it happens sometime this year. I think both Sony and the gaming industry as a whole would benefit from it.

TheWretched3366d ago

First of all, on August 18th, Sony will have its GDC/GamesCom keynote, which will be three freaking hours long. So the day is possible.

Sony hasn't changed the pricing of the PS3 for 2 years now, so they are bound to do so this year I guess.

They haven't done it at E3, because it was too early and, if they release a PSThree, the Slim units might not have been ready by then. And the PSP Go was announced. Two hardware announcements (or three, if you count the PSMC) in a single two hour presser would be a bit much (they would not be able to show content, which would have been really bad).

IF they give us a Slim bundle with maybe GT5, Germany/Europe is the best region to present it, because GT sells best in Europe anyway (GT5 announcement speculation on my part, plus the post at GTPlanet, and the recent changes in price at Amazon UK).

So... what I am trying to say is, all sings point to GDC/GamesCom. I know, many signs pointed to E3 also, but then along came the PSP-Go, which "delayed" everything. But for now, we are "PSP Announcement" free, which leaves enough time to release a new unit in a 3 hour presser!

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fr0sty3366d ago

I updated the article with that info... it's at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany. Sorry for leaving that out.

PirateThom3366d ago

Cologne, Germany. At GDC Europe, the day before GamesCom (the replacement for Leipzig).

cmrbe3366d ago

3 hour presentation. I suspect they will officially announce the long rumored slim with a price drop for the fat model. Also perhaps an official launch date for GT5 with all the advancement in GT5 on display.

What do you guys think?. Will they announce it GT5 there or at TGS. Considering that Europe has always been GT's biggest market. I think they will officially announce the release date then.

PirateThom3366d ago

I'm guessing 3 hours is a long time, I'm guessing PS3 Slim, Gran Turismo 5 and maybe more PSP Go and Wand details, everything else, up in the air.

Nitrowolf23366d ago

Def at Gamecom and not TGS
I believe that the smartist thing to do would be to reveal the date where the game is probaly most popular. And the ps3 slim will hopefully be revealed.

But what else will they show? Those things themselve will not last 3 hours.

chewmandinga3366d ago

Castle Crashers / Braid coming to PSN?

They may aswell announce those, and have Jonathan Blow come onstage and uncomfortably describe how happy he is to be bringing the one franchise the Playstation brand has always wanted...maybe they'll force him to speak akward Engrish...

(joking obviously, i know J.B. has nothing against Sony...probably)

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ExgamerLegends23366d ago

Haven't been here in a week... guess i haven't missed much lol.

ExgamerLegends23366d ago

for a second there...I only had two bubbles. I knew my comment couldn't have been THAT bad lol. Refreshed the page and it was back at seven.

-Mezzo-3366d ago

I want a price cut for fellow gamers, but i doubt this rumor.

fr0sty3366d ago

You can trust it... this dude has yet to give us info that didn't pan out.

The_Zeitgeist3366d ago

You are probably one of his goons trying to get the story to blow up. Part of the N4G illuminati I suspect.