Why I Cancelled My Reservations for Aion and Champions Online writer takes a look at two upcoming MMOs and why neither made the cut.

"I never play a subscription based game off of launch because I feel the need to let other people be "guinea pigs" for my money is also at a premium. I need to be careful, I've been burned by a few games in the past."

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JonnyBigBoss3415d ago

AION is made by the Lineage guys. Not only that, but it's a KOREAN MMORPG. How could it not be a grind-fest? I'm not surprised.

Gamertags3415d ago

sharing this opinion piece on a new site. Take you opinion and get out of here.

Pandamobile3415d ago

AION is built on the same engine as Crysis. At least it's bound to be pretty.

Nikuma3415d ago

Aion is less grindy than other Korean MMOs thus far, but it is still a MMO and does have SOME grinding. The game is extremely well made, polished, and looks beautiful. I'll be playing Aion for sure.

NaiNaiNai3415d ago

I've already done the beta twice now. I find it to be grinding no more then WoW does. that and the UI is just so much easier to use. >.> plus the built in quest helper and Hiperlinks makes it great to do every quest you can without having to install extra add-ons that slow your FPS on lower end computers.

INehalemEXI3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Aion is one of the better mmo's from the few beta event weekends my gf and I played. Aion is CryEngine , Crysis is CryEngine 2.

Still it is impressive graphically. I am really interested to get into the later levels and see some epic weapon type lewt much potential. Only problem is will I want to quit it when Blade & Soul comes out or FF XIV.

This is not a Grind so far, compared to say the greatest PVE MMO of all time IMO EQ that was mad grinding but it was still great.

sandwiches3412d ago

jleack, I've been in the Aion beta for a while and it really isn't any "grindier" than WoW. Having said that, it really isn't much more than WoW other than graphics. Questing is pretty much identical, you have flight paths, equipment's basically the same, spells, attacking, etc. I didn't find anything new or exciting about this game. It's been more of the same in a new shiny package, is all.

Odion3412d ago

Demon, Crysis is built on the first Cryengine, Aoin would be Cryengine 2

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The Lazy One3415d ago

I can't tell if he's being sarcastic, or if he's 5...

That said, every MMO sucks at launch. WoW was super laggy and had memory leaks and poor class balancing and a harder grind than it's had in years.

The stuff about microtransactions in champions online does suck though.

Excited for guild wars 2. yay freeness

Neo Nugget3415d ago

I canceled Aion as well. Super pumped for Guild Wars 2, though. The first one was an amazing F2P game.

NaiNaiNai3415d ago

to bad its not a real MMO. just another POS instant game. I still don't understand how anyone likes this game. well maybe. I did when I first tried it, then I played WoW and though guildwars was crap. now that Ive played Aions, I think WoW is crap.

The Lazy One3414d ago

It's not just instances anymore. It's a persistent world now.

Even so, I'd rather have it all be instances than all be grinding.

Guild wars was a much more involved game than WoW was for the time I had with both.

xGrunty3414d ago

Guild wars is amazing, what are you talking about?

And GW2 is gonna be even better.

sandwiches3412d ago

Sorry but WoW has been one of the most stable and best performing games ever. Even during closed beta, when I started playing, the game wasn't crashing or anything like that. Also, the game was great from the very beginning. They really didn't do much the first few months, except some balancing, add in new content, but no big fixes or anything since it really didn't need it.

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Midgard2283415d ago

cant wait for Aion, me and my gf will be lovin it, i saw good reviews for korean version, i like how no one looks the same and thats one of my probs with wow, everyone looks alike, also i like the character design aswell.

hey guys, why does everyone wanna become lvl 80 in a week? if u cant get to 80 in a week then its a grind fest wtf?

Gun_Senshi3414d ago

You are playing beta to beta test, for localzation.

Aion is west retail is released with patch 1.5, that adds over 1300 quests, 18 intances and quest rewarded by 200%

Whats wrong with grind? I love Grind. WoW is a grindfeast.

I been playing MMOs Since UO, and Aion is the best modern MMO made.

Sprudling3414d ago

How is the endgame (raiding) like in Aion? I agree WoW it pretty average in most aspects, but there is no game even close when it comes to the raiding game. Raiding is what I like doing, and what I have been doing since 2 weeks after the release of the most recent expansion. I logon only for raids, and the gold the bosses drop are more than enough for the repairbill, gems, enchants, pots, etc. I don't understand the grindfest-whine, although I would 2 expansions ago.

Gun_Senshi3414d ago

no one can say how is end game but from pvp aspect there is capture the fortress raiding.

patch 1.5 adds over 18 raids alone, beta is version 1.0