Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Multiformat Face-Off, Round Two

It's early days in the great next gen console war, and the commercial reality of development is very simple - the cost of making games on more advanced hardware has skyrocketed meaning that publishers get the best returns from their investment with multiformat development. Eurogamer typically reviews these games on the lead platform (more often than not, the Xbox 360) but they got plenty of love for the PlayStation 3 - enough to bring you the all-important info on any differences between the versions, even when review code arrives somewhat belatedly.

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nice_cuppa6062d ago

huge they are as half taken up by a 40in sony lcd and fake ps3 setup.
(it plays vids of ps3 games !)(not all ingame !)

thats some big money sony are spending as there aint enough game to justify this huge display !

go sony spend that money !

THAMMER16062d ago

I find it funny that allot of people still think those video feeds are real time game play. Sony has mastered that art. My hat goes off to them because consumer perception is every thing to day. Once people get home with the games they seem to not care that the quality has changed.

VirtualGamer6062d ago (Edited 6062d ago )

So early ports from the Xbox 360 to PS3 did not do so well. Like we already didn't know this. As has been explained before getting a handle on how to program and get the most out of the PS3 is a bit tricky. 2 different game developers, Factor 5 and Havok, have stated that if you make a game for the 360 without giving consideration to what is required to port it over to the PS3 your in for a nasty suprise.

There have been ports that have been as good or better then the 360 version. Oblivion is one. Note they took the extra time to do it right rather then rush out a poor port. As developers get a better understanding of what is required to code for the PS3 this should become less and less of an issue. I am sure that there will still be some that just don't care and I would encourage PS3 owners not to buy games from the ones who don't put the effort in to making sure the PS3 is up to snuff compared to the 360.

To those that will say if we don't buy the game the developer will stop making games for the PS3, sorry I don't buy that. Developers want to sell as many copies of their game as possible. Hence why they are making their game multiplatform. I say if they don't make a good game or port a good version of their game to the PS3 then they should not get the sales. Lets make sure we buy the games from developers that make the effort and push the envelop rather then getting sloppy seconds. In any event I expect this to become less and less of an issue as developers get more comfortable with working with both systems.

kewlkat0076062d ago

THE PS3 games seems to lack detail, I wonder if its the contrast? Certain areas are too bright loosing details.

Right now it's safe to say the 360 games look much better, depending on the game, but moreso on the 360 so far.

When developers are able to work more with the PS3 I'm sure it will improve, but to what extent will you be able to distinguish the multi-platform games? In the end will it matter as much as the eXtra $300 you'll spend to get the most expensive??

We all know a lot of gamers, don't even know how to calibrate their HDTV's, unless it's done professionally. I'm sure that is a big factor when people comepare. Right now my little dinky 27 SAMSUNG 1080i is not calibrated, so I know I'm not getting the best picture ever, but the 360 games look great on a 27incher. I'm just not a video enthusiest.

bigmack6062d ago

will people just give it up already. who cares if one system is better then the other. buy the system "YOU" want. what"YOU"care. what suits "YOU". just have fun with it. nuff said.

The Real Joker6062d ago

but..but...I want to judge others buying decisions! (runs off crying torwards bedroom)