Left Behind Games Begins Executive Purge

Gamasutra reveals that officials from controversial games developer "Left Behind Games" have announced that senior management at the company have accepted the resignation of senior vice president Jeffrey S. Frichner, with CEO Troy Lyndon also demanding the resignation of the company's other three board members.

In February, the developer reported a $4.1 million loss for its third quarter ended December 31st, 2006, on revenues of $2.2 million for the first six weeks of the game's sales. The exact reasons for Lyndon's call for additional resignations has not been stated, nor the likelihood of the board members agreeing to the demands.

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snoop_dizzle4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

As a Christian, i do find it sad that older Christians try to appeal to the younger generation, when in fact they are only making the issue worse. Then just say people dislike it because its Christian, while somewhat its true, the excuse only goes so far.

After seeing a review of the game, even if it was to make a Christian game look bad, really there wasn't anything redeemable or worth playing aside form a "positive message". So since the game wasn't really worth playing, and it had a positive message, why not just read the bible or some Christian book?

And of course Christian parents(I've bee around a bunch) will say the game is good because of the message.

When ever i hear that, it really annoys me, do they know what gaming is for? Fun, while i see absolutely no reason of integrating a good message, with great gameplay, it didn't happen in any way. It was forced. Meaning when something is forced it wont come across as cool, hip whatever you want to call it.

Why does that have to be so prevelant in christian entertainment?

Crummy shows etc. Granted the same thing happens in secular entertainment, but Christians only have a small amount of ways to communicate to begin with, so have some quality control. Dont just release some no talent artist on Christian radio waves . Granted there is actually some good Christian music, but its very rare.

but how can the Christian entertainment industry be so detached yet expect to entertain a younger generation, while asying how bad our generation is(in some ways its true, but its not how you should approach it) it sound counter-intuitive to me. That doesn't mean they should compromise their beliefs, but just get a freaking clue.

It has been done before, its just gotta be more prevelant.