Champions Online offers lifetime subscription

Those that preorder Champions Online are being offered 6-month discounted subscriptions and lifetime subscription plans. Both of these plans come with access to the Star Trek Online closed beta.

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Troll-Killer3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

...the MMO's, or mine? I plan on living at least another 40 years, and will likely be gaming for half of that. We all know the average "life" of an MMO is about 4-5 years....if they're lucky. :o

Mo0eY3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

Using LoTRO's Founder's Program lifetime subscription since they gave us nothing: $200
and Troll-Killer's assumption of MMOs that last: 4-5 years = 48 to 60 months.

$200 / 48m = $4.17 per month
$200 / 60m = $3.33 per month

So is this truly worth it? Are you going to be spending the next five years on this game? Or are you going to spend a year on it (and waste your money)? Lifetime subscriptions seem like a waste to me because I only play MMOs until I get bored with them and quit.

DelbertGrady3451d ago

Is this only for the PC version or 360 as well? If so, talk about having your wallet gutted lol!!