News4Gamers Radio Episode 04/29/2007

This week the Wombat returns alongside Gambus Kahn and ZeroTolerance to dicuss the current console war between XBox 360 and PS3, plus a special look at the impact of Nintendo's Wii on the gaming market.

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Gambus Kahn4187d ago

Hey Zero, just listened to the podcast, it was fantastic. Glad to be apart of it, and I hope to be apart of many more to come. :P

Silver3604187d ago

I think one of them said Final Fantasy 13 was coming to the 360 and the announcement will be this summer

Silverwolf4187d ago

my opinion on your podcast; Damn dude's you all sounded like M$ fan boys! One thing you all keep forgetting is that when the 360 came out it wasn't all that. It was missing more than half the functionality it has now (thanks to firmware upgrades). And there was a game drought as well. I can't count how many times I played Kameo and COD2. The 360 has almost been out for two years now and you keep comparing it to a system that launched 6 months ago. A year head start gave MS time to add more functionality to there system and release more software. In regards to multi-platform games, the reason I personally don't like them is due to the fact that while it's nice that developers can make more money providing software for both consoles. There's always less effort made on one or the other, it's this half a$$ effort that I don't like. The PS3 has a lot of untapped potential that hopefully well be used soon. XBL while nice is nothing but a cesspool of vulgar a$$ holes. Thanks but no thanks I rather play alone and if I ever decide to play with a friend I rather not have to pay for it. Yes you do get what you pay for but if I'm going to have to take some a$$ holes sh!t bent over backwards I would rather not add insult to injury by paying fifty bucks for it as well.

ReconHope4187d ago

what they need to do is get gamers ffrom both sides.

ZeroTolerance4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Well I guess people only hear what they want because as I stated time and time again on the podcast I own all three consoles and I don't know about you, but I don't spend $600 just to complain about it. I want my PS3 to be great, I want it to have those must-own titles that I loved on the PS2. But like we stated on the podcast while the 360 launch was slow it had some amazing games six months in. Now that my PS3 is reaching that age I was expecting some must own games and so far I have been disappointed, and even more so with my Wii.

If you really think that PS3 online is not chock full of a-holes then your experience has definitely been different than mine. Give anyone with a lack of intelligence anonymity and a microphone and they turn into a giant douchebag everytime. Maybe the reason there aren't as many on PSN is because the service is still in it's infancy and not everyone is as sold on the idea of spending $600 on a console that is not leaps and bounds above the competition at $200 less.

We are all gamers and while we have our favorites we do play everything and anything. I don't think having a die-hard Sony or MS fan debating back and forth is going to prove anything, I would rather have my cast of true gamers that were tearing through games long before console wars were even originated. Like I have said a million times over we play games, not systems.