This Is Vegas Still In Production Says Publisher

Rumors about This is Vegas' demise started to boil over this past weekend when it was noticed the game's SKU had suspiciously been removed from Gamestop's database.

Add to the fact that little news about the title has come out since January, and that that its original publisher, Midway Games, was purchased by Warner Bros. isn't helping things.

So has the game been canned?

IGN contacted Warner Bros. to clear some of this up, and the publisher issued them the following statement, simply saying: "This is Vegas is currently in production."

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RustInPeace3455d ago

So it looks like my post about this a few days ago wasn't too far off. Last I heard, development was still going on, but just a bit slow to hear about any progress. I hope when the game does come out it isn't something that SHOULD have been canned...

gamingfan1013454d ago

im so happy that it did not get canned that would of been sad