PS3 & PSP Review - Exo-Flex Skins

PlayStationLifeStyle writes,

"So, you have a great console such as the PlayStation 3 or Portable. Are you tired of the flat, black and silver color scheme? All that finger-printed glossy finish getting boring? Then the Exo-Flex console skins may have caught your attention. But are they worth the price, or do they under-perform and leave sticky residue after removal? Find out in this review!"

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T3mpr1x3361d ago

I gotta say, I'm keeping mine on for the foreseeable future! Good job Exo-Flex.

DJ3361d ago

But at least the quality is good.

T3mpr1x3361d ago

They have a lot of different choices on their website too.

DoucheVader3361d ago

That PS3 one looks pretty sweet and now it still matches your PSP.

dopeboimagic923361d ago

How does it compare to DecalGirl and some of those other sites? I remember this one site had Disturbed skins :D

StalkingSilence3361d ago

I guess Paulmichael might have to review some other skins now too and we'll get an official PSLS comparison.