Technical Difficulties might keep trophies from coming to PSP

Talking to Playstation: The Official Magazine, Mr. Shu Yoshida could not directly answer the question at hand.

PTOM: Will trophies ever be available for PSP games?

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PirateThom3452d ago

I hope they don't come to PSP or, if they do, they're kept separate. The whole PSP system is too compromised for a trophy system to work properly.

Trollimite3452d ago

with all the hacks and exploits. i couldnt be mad if i met somone with a 99 gamer level and 9999999999999999999 trophies

Blaze9293452d ago

this article is wrong. It was already stated that trophies will never come to the PSP due to all the hacking that is out with it.

Ju3452d ago

How would trophies work if you are not permanently connected to PSN ?

Ninji3452d ago

If they were on the PSP then people could use CFW to get them easily & quickly. If that happened then trophies would be pointless (kind of like achievements now that so many people have hacked them and it's easy to just hack in a few at a time to avoid being caught).

LionheartAce3452d ago

Sony already stated that because it's easy to hack the PSP they are not doing it. Until they make it virtually untouchable, I can't see trophies coming to the PSP, as much as I would like them to.

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The story is too old to be commented.