OpenGL 3.2 Released

The Khronos Group, the industry consortium responsible for the care and feeding of the OpenGL graphics standard, on Monday announced the release of OpenGL 3.2.

The new release adds features to improve performance, quality, accelerated geometry processing and easier portability of applications originally made using Direct3D, the opposing standard included in Windows as part of Microsoft's DirectX API suite.

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Tsar4ever013458d ago

This could be very positive news on SONY's side because the graphics API "OPENGL ES"(*low level) is used by the PLAYSTATION3. And it's said that this latest UPDATE has been to "IMPROVE PERFORMANCE, QUALITY, ACCELERATED GEOMETRY and most important, EASIER PORTABILITY OF APPS THAT WAS ORIGINALLY MADE ON DIRECTX API(MICROSOFT's XBOX/X360)

I'm not certain whether or not the PS3's api app could be upgraded to OPENGL 3.2, via firmware update, but if so, that means that porting mulitplat titles that used the x360 as the leading dev console won't be an issue no more. This must mean that the results all future multiplat titles SHOULD be more exactly alike. That got to be positive news especially to all the 2nd and 3rd party developers that are still having troubles with ps3 devkits. This also might make VALVE software smile and decide to warm up to start supporting the ps3.

If Sony's PS3 for some reason can't or WON'T update it's Devkits to OPENGL 3.2, than I'll bet we'll be defiantly seeing it on the Ps4.

opinions anyone?