Sony's early plans for motion controllers involved superheroes, magic, and... Teletubbies?

It's no secret that Sony's motion controllers were in the works for quite a long time before finally being unveiled at E3 2009. Still, it's fun to look back into the past and see how the whole project evolved.

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Simon_Brezhnev3364d ago

i dont want dem gay teletubbies

ActionBastard3363d ago

den don't get dem gay teletubbies?

Gamertags3363d ago

It is still very, very early!

peacock13363d ago

This guy is a feaking genious.

In a couple of years time he will be up there with Ken Kutaragi and Miyamoto.

cryymoar3363d ago

thats ridiculous.
but also remember that this presentation was back in 2001,
when Teletubbies was at its prime.
it may have sold a lot back then just as much as popular TV show-games like Ben 10 and Naruto has sold now.

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grantps33364d ago

tinkie winkie was by far the coolest teletubie

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Kill Crow3363d ago

could be the system seller everyone's been waiting for

Gamer11113363d ago embarrassing.

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