GameSpot: MX vs. ATV Reflex Preview: Freestyle, Deep Grooves, and David Lee

GameSpot writes: "Just because you can do a trick in the upcoming MX vs ATV Reflex from THQ and developer Rainbow Studios, doesn't mean the trick actually exists in real life. Yet. During a recent visit to GameSpot HQ, reps from Rainbow (the folks behind the long-running MX vs. ATV series) said that some of the tricks you can pull off in Reflex are possible in real life, but haven't yet found a rider brave enough to attempt them. That said, the tricks can be spectacular--the Twister, for example, has the rider holding on to his bike by one handlebar, as he lengthens and twists his body out to the side. There's another that looks a bit like the rider is break-dancing on top of his handlebars, swinging his legs in quick circles before settling back down in the saddle and landing his bike."

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