Planet Xbox 360: Rocket Riot Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "On the surface, Codeglue's Rocket Riot seems like a perfectly competent dual-joystick shooter that oozes with 8-bit charm and humorous design. However, there doesn't seem to be much of a game behind the glossy finish, making Rocket Riot a beautiful, but only mildly amusing, experience. The game will have players take control of legless rocketeers that fly around block arenas, blowing each other up with rocket launchers. The game controls similar to other Xbox Live Arcade titles like Geometry Wars, but with a couple tweaks to make the game feel a bit more unique. First of all, unlike Geometry Wars, players are moving vertically, which means that gravity is what fuels all downward maneuvers. Gravity also affects rockets, making every shot arc. Players can charge up shots to prevent rockets from arcing too much, but every rocket eventually has to succumb to downward forces. These mechanics are neat in the sense that they add somewhat of a 'Worms in real-time' feel to the game, but they also don't fully succeed."

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