Edge - Review: Wii Sports Resort

Shigeru Miyamoto has said that Sports Resort's Wuhu Island should be considered a character, such are Nintendo's ambitions for the setting. But take out the Miis, which paper over a lot of bare and poorly textured cracks, and Wuhu is a charmless and formulaic place. The Nintendo touch doesn't permeate the setting, but it does provide the tricks that disguise it: beautifully judged sound effects, shimmering blue water, goofy objectives and moments requiring extreme finesse, such as the advanced stages of the Table Tennis return challenge, that other developers wouldn't dare to attempt.

When Wii Sports Resort is at its finest, demanding more from its players as they grasp the principles of play, it exceeds even Wii Sports. But the other two-thirds of the time, the fun's cosseted and pampered to death with Achievement-aping stamps and trammelled interpretations of activities, the illusion of depth standing in for the real thing and an off-white window asking if you want to take a break for the third time in 20 minutes. Sports Resort is controlling, and even solemn, about just how much fun you should be having with it. And that's a development that should chill every Wii owner to the bone.

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