GameStop's New Rewards System Could Be Your Ticket To E3

Kotaku writes.... GameStop is currently surveying customers about a new points-based rewards system for customers that could be your ticket to the E3 Expo.

In a survey sent out to customers who've signed up for the company newsletter (like myself,) GameStop is shopping around a new free customer rewards program that would see visitors earring points for every dollar spent or game traded, which can then be redeemed for various prizes and special benefits, including "An all-access entry pass into E3 or Comic-Con."

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ShadowRyuX3452d ago

And I wanted to post a story on it! Dang it! Well anyways the benefits look really good and it may ease your wallet quite a bit (especially for families who could use multiple copies of the same game)

-Mezzo-3452d ago

Sorry for running your story mate.

macezhno3452d ago

can't access kotaku at all today and sunday