10 Character faces we won't soon forget

"Cookie-cutter bodies and perfectly painted faces are a thing of the past. Instead, developers are making a point to flesh out distinctive, flawed and entirely fascinating protagonists. Sure, Nathan Drake and Lara Croft are admittedly attractive, but they don't stand out much among the crowd of other ideally proportioned and intentionally unblemished gaming icons.

Whether it's a crooked smile, a small scar, or a meaningful tattoo, these characters have been meticulously crafted to be hard to forget. We're not saying that having character makes one ugly. Instead, we are calling out and congratulating developers who don't simply look at their protagonists' visage as a collection of necessary parts.

Lucky for us, we were able to go straight to the source for several of these leading lads and ladies. We picked the brains of a handful of developers and dove into the process of creating each character from the ground up. Some even provided us with concept art. For those unable to participate, we instead provided our own musings as to why the particular character is memorable. Read on for the scoop. "

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Raf1k15058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

No Master Chief?

Edit: This list can quite easily be improved.
Nathan Drake and Kratos should be added. I'd include the G-Man too.

I'm guessing it's more a list of the most unforgettable characters that are believable.

Edit2: Looking at the list again not all the characters are believable.
I think it needs to define what kind of characters it's listing since most unforgettable doesn't quite cut it.

Frulond5058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

Solid Snake should be in the list

oh... and Nariko from heavenly Sword, Dante from Devil May Cry and Nathan Hale from Resistance 1 & 2

socomnick5058d ago

Kratos = angry person, always angry for no reason, he makes sure to extend his words and roll his rs.

Nathan Drake = Average guy thats it nothing special oooo and a dirty clothing.

hay5058d ago

Actually I forgot about most of the chars on the list.

GWAVE5058d ago

That list was TERRIBLE. Kayne and Lynch? Whoever and Whoever #2 from Army of Two? Sam Fisher? Frank West?

What a horrible, horrible list.

Hellsvacancy5058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

U lot must b on crack 4get about all that lot and add Mr 47, the main character from Manhunt (can u get any more badass) and of course Duke Nukem

Edit. Id also add Auron from FFX

cranium5058d ago

I agree with Faelt. Solid Snake NEEDS to be on this list. This list is terrible. As stated above, Kratos would also be a nice adittion since he stands out so much .

umair_s515058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

I disagree, the list needs Solid Snake

a_squirrel5058d ago

I'm thinking, helghast, master chief, how about some stormtroopers?

DevastationEve5057d ago (Edited 5057d ago )'s funny but I'm ALWAYS quoting Niko Bellic's lines from GTA IV. He's so much better than the guy you play as in GTA III who just took orders and barely nodded his head and stuff.

But it's the chief who's put a face to gaming this gen :)

10: Nariko
9: Nathan Drake
8: Marcus Fenix
7: Niko Bellic
6: Solid Snake
5: Samus Aran
4: Mario
3: Big Daddy
2: Commander John Shepard
1: John 117 AKA "Master Chief"

pure pwnage245057d ago

why the hell would you add Master Chief if all you see is his helmet and not his face?

as soon as I saw this, I thought of Solid Snake being on here but this article is BS

Christopher5057d ago (Edited 5057d ago )

Yeah, list isn't very good overall.

The real list would include Mario & Luigi, Zelda, Snake, Samus, Kratos and many others way before Kane & Lynch, Army of Two, Mirror's Edge, Splinter Cell Conviction, and Left 4 Dead 2, and Call of Duty 4. I gotta laugh at the FPS faces on the list considering the games focus less on recognizing faces and more on shooting anything that moves from afar.

DevastationEve5057d ago (Edited 5057d ago )

I added Samus Aran too, but you didn't complain about her...

Fine, Shepard's number one. He's mucho commando!


I get 5 disagrees above because of the placement :) It's a list, everybody has to take a number b!tches...

Hey at least I'm not like the fanboy below who says 1-4 should be all characters from one game...

hulk_bash19875057d ago

Kratos is angry for no reason?? lol umm you obviously haven't played the game. He was manipulated by Ares to kill his wife and daughter, used and than betrayed by the gods, and later finds out Zeus, the god behind his downfall, is his father, I don't know about you but that would kind of get under my skin, haha.

Nathan Drake, an average guy with a dirty shirt. agreed. But he's such a likable character, and definitely one that's unforgettable this gen so far.

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Raf1k15058d ago

Kratos is angry for a reason and Nathan Drake's dirty clothes are dirty for a reason too unlike so many characters who are always spotless no matter how much crap they go though.

Ninji5058d ago

This seems like a list of forgettable characters, not UNforgettable characters.

meepmoopmeep5058d ago

this list needs to be broadened
a lot of missing characters

Timesplitter145057d ago (Edited 5057d ago )

And a lot af characters with generic, everyday faces too.

Sam Fisher has a memorable face? Since when? He's got the typical average soldier face.
Army of Two guys? Are they kidding?
Heavy Rain girl? What the hell, we only saw a couple of videos.

Same thing for people who are suggesting Nathan Drake. His personality is unique, yes, but his face isn't at all.

socomnick5058d ago

These seem to be the most memorable characters this gen. They arent necessarily badass or likeable but you sure as hell remember them. If thats the criteria then yea this list is spot on because i remembered all of these characters by game and by name.

BlackTar1875057d ago

Come on you remember the Army of two guy?

the Captain pierce from cod 4 and i played it like 10x and i dont remember the guy to much

The boring characters from L4d give me a break some were good
like Gears and Sam and kane and lynch gay but i wont forget them

The chick from Heavy rain who we know nothing about lol

Whatever though i like the avatar I hate those kids.

socomnick5057d ago

I remembered rios because of the mask and his personality. I dont remember the other guy.

hulk_bash19875057d ago

finds any unforgettable character list, where alot of PS3 game characters are snubbed, to be a great list.

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