Alan Wake Fans Launch Internet Petition

Alan Wake fans unhappy that the PC version of the game has been shelved have, shockingly, launched an internet petition asking Microsoft to clarify its position and release a PC version as soon after the Xbox 360 launch as possible.

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Arsenic133459d ago

Did they not say, 360 first. Pc later? Maybe Im mistaken, but thats what I heard.

SevWolf3459d ago

Nope, they, unfortunately, totally cancelled the PC version...I feel sorry for my friend, he was a high-end PC (by high end I mean Crysis running smoothly with high settings) but doesnt have a 360

Rainstorm813459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

a petition really??? Go buy a Xbox 360! you cant cry everytime you cant get a game. so i guess X360 fans shouls petition to get Uncharted 2 or PS3 fans should petition to get Halo.

I mean really?????? Is this what gaming has come to?

Maybe PC gamers like to b!tch and complain, i was on your side about L4D2 but this is ridiculous

[email protected]

Okay join me in the Alan Wake for PS3 petition! (equally ridiculous)

GameOn3459d ago

Shelved does not mean cancelled. Think of it as being put on hold.

StanLee3459d ago

Who didn't see this coming?

AnttiApina3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

The PC version is currently in hold. MS rethinks if they want to release it for the PC when the 360 version is released.

Edit: Thanks for that guy who gave me a disagree.

Also I singed this yesterday when it was still under 100. Now it's already at 1200!

FarEastOrient3459d ago

Even though I usually get more than one version of a game, the PC version should still be a must for those that Windows centric. I've compared many Xbox 360 games that way and games like Fallout 3, Fable, Gears of War, and Mass Effect are all superior on the PC platform than on the Xbox 360 platform even if they use similar architectures and coding patterns.

Alan Wake was one of those games that cried yes the PC version is going to be better because of all the demands that will be needed to run it they way it was originally targeted. For example the tornado generated using the game engine looked very good when running on the PC but can the Xbox 360 do the same?

Hideous Kojima3459d ago

I'm gonna play this amazing looking game on my 360 anyways, as most of the people will, so I don't care if there's a PC version.

GOTY 2010 can't come soon enough!

IdleLeeSiuLung3459d ago

Although I sympathize with them, buy a 360. It cost about the same as a graphics card, has less configuration issues and you don't have to upgrade again next year.

You can thank me later.

mastiffchild3459d ago

Raiinsom81-why shouldn't PC only gamers be pi55ed off over this? Why should they be silenced by you being selfish and "I'm alright, Jack" about it?

Truth is this could be happening more and more to PC gamers. Gears2 and Fable2 have already been taken away from them after previous games were released on PC and I think MS may have got Remedy to take this decision as they take the "I'll play it on PC anyway" attitude more seriously than we gamers do. They like there to be good exclusive reasons to buy a 360 but if they(or Remedy) wish to do this they should've done it at the start or at least a lot sooner. As it is PC gamers have been waiting for this game just as long as us with 360's and to have it "shelved" with the recent history of PC/360 games starting to just come out on 360 why shouldn't they be annoyed?

I won't be joining the petition but, christ, they have every reason to be upset and every reason to worry that it may not ever arrive on PC even though everything we've evr seen up to this E3 was from the PC version! Te more I look the more it seems like MS want this as, at the very least, a timed 360 exclusive. I expect more 360/PC games to only appear on 360 if I'm honest. I'd prolly have got the 360 vesion anyway but I think it's bad that PC gamers waiting five years for this game ave been told last minute to stick it.

And it's even worse that 360 only gamers think that they shouldjust shut up and swallow it-what if it was the other way round wouldn't you be upset? Don't be so silly about these things when they have every right to be upset at Remedy or whoever was behind this.

IdleLeeSiuLung3459d ago

Well looking at it from the other view is that games released on PC tend to get pirated to oblivion and cannibalize their console game sales.

Didn't Infinity Ward show some insane numbers for CoD4, where they sold a fraction of the number of PC gamers online actually bought the game?

Rainstorm813459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Consoles get exclusive games!

PC get exclusive games!

My console of preference is the PS3 first of all. Thats the relationship you have when a console is so closely designed after a PC. Im sure alan wake has been gimped because of this decision, it was supposed to be open world.

I agree MS is probably behind this, the x360 needs a console identity. Almost every exclusive is available on PC. With the PS3 almost none of the exclusives are available anywhere else.

No one is petitioning for Starcraft 2 (oh i want it) or WoW or Crysiss on console so it sucks but........ yeah get over it everyone else does.

@ tony P below

Exactly, I agree bubbles

Tony P3459d ago

I was annoyed at first, but I got over it. Mainly because I realise it's just not the same game. Obviously they've completely optimized and revamped the game for the 360. As far as I know, the Alan Wake c. 2005-2008 I planned to purchase is dead and gone.

This game is back to square one for me. Forget everything that was said before June 09.

Let's just see what the game has to offer for my 360 now.

Greywulf3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

It makes 0 sense. PC's have to be uprgaded to run the latest in gaming technology, not console games. Crysis/Arma2 all run around the same requirements on max. Those have been the only games you've had to upgrade realistically for since Half Life 2. In 2004.

Alan Wake 2 on the 360 will still run on the same old PC.

Its total ignorance "haha buying videocards every 2 years!" -- Although this helps you sleep at night, its wrong.

If you had a gaming pc at the start of this console gaming gen, 3 years later you still wouldn't have to upgrade to run console led games because the 360 hasn't increased its ram, or any other specifications. Its why you can always play multiplatform console games on non-superstar machines and have higher resolutions/quality than the console versions. & get this.. you can use your controller! And tvout with most videocards. Which means you sit at your couch playing a game on your PC. Yea, really.

Games like Crysis and ARMA2 are in the minority of hardware pushing games. Alan Wake/COD4/Bioshock/Half Life/Left4Dead/MassEffect/Assa ssins Creed/GTA4/all console multiplats arent.

Even emachines have 1gig of ram now and 256mb videocards.

Get with the times.

3459d ago
Rainstorm813459d ago

" Alan Wake/COD4/Bioshock/Half Life/Left4Dead/MassEffect/Assa ssins Creed/GTA4/all console multiplats arent.

Even emachines have 1gig of ram now and 256mb videocards."

you cant play any of those games with a pc like that^^

I have 2Gb ram 2Ghz dual processor Nvidia geforce 7000m , Pretty good cpu it wont play any game you named besides L4D and Half Life

Sub4Dis3459d ago

I'm pretty sure damn near every game this year has had some sort of petition related to it. what is going on??

Bnet3433459d ago

People want a PC version just to pirate it.

agentace3459d ago

thats because your PC (which i think is a laptop) doesn`t have a GFX card its got a built in 1 and they are pretty much useless for gaming. (and if it is a laptop they are crap for gaming fullstop)

Greywulf3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Emachine with a 256mb videocard would eat through Half Life2 & L4D2 any day of the week, as well as cod4 and the rest of the titles I've mentioned. You could play them at the beloved console 720p resolution for sure.

Just stop.

JokesOnYou3459d ago

I'll say it gamer is entitled to ANY specific game whether its a sequel or brand new IP. Sure there are "expectations", some of which are reasonable, like a sony or micro advertising certain launch games that will release with the console, including ads of future games that are "owned" by micro or sony, therefore a consumer might buy a ps3 with an "reasonable expectation" that they will be able to play a few key titles since the platform maker owns the rights and has sold the hardware using those titles.

Absolutely nobody buys ANY platform thinking they will have acess/play every game available or past games that appeared on that plaform. It's never been that way before and specifically related to pc gaming this has happened often enough that nobody should be surprised. OK, OK I know it looks like a great game and with Remedy's comments it may be more dissapointing than others but the fact is the games current devlopment has a lot to do with micro's support and if the folks who are paying the bills feel its in their best interest to release it only on the 360(it will come to pc) then how the hell are pc gamers "entitled" to anything? NO, they buy a 360 or just wait....hell how many pc gamers have thought about the amount of pc games that would be released over the last few years if it wasn't for micro's continued support of pc gaming....they could easily of abandoned pc gaming, blamed it on the rampant piracy anf focused all their efforts on their bread n' butter when it comes to gaming= 360.


Rainstorm813459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

a laptop with crap gaming capabilities.

It cant even play GTA san andreas at full settings. let alone GTA4

That what i meant it depends on more than just Ram and video card.

dig dug lol, no i can play games just not all the current gen games you mentioned, i can play L4D fine though. besides i have a PS3 and mainly do my gaming on console

stop what? having a conversation about gaming put your maxi pad on, im not trying to take anything away from pc gaming i just think everything has exclusive games no need to cry about Alan Wake. You seem hurt you must be the bubble bandit guess what this is the internet i could care less. LOL

I guess all fanboys are d!cks (PC, 360, PS3, Wii)

coolirisGB3459d ago

No one said anything like that. Microsoft is only releasing the game on the 360 that's all, with Remedy saying that's what the publishers want but we would like to do a PC version if allowed for their PC fanbase. Ontopic. no one cares what a handful of pro Sony PC users think about this.

Tony P3459d ago

"That what i meant it depends on more than just Ram and video card."

You don't even HAVE a card. Really, what is your point?

If you had a dedicated card (even just a 256MB card) you'd probably be able to run those games properly. You don't and so you can't. And yet you're trying to pretend cards don't matter as if you even had one to begin with.

No offence, but you are wrong are you've been corrected. Learn something and move on instead of pretending you were right all along. This is nicest way this will be said to you.

Rainstorm813459d ago

Seems like alot of people feel butt hurt because Alan Wake isnt coming to PC( in the forseeable future) I stand by my statement go buy a 360 if you want to play it if not go play Crysis or World of warcraft or Shut up!

Thats where ill play it reguardless of my PC capabilities. If you want to play it you will do the same.

@Tony P
I said my LAPTOP wasnt up to current gen gaming. go buy a emachines PC with 1gb ram and a256 vid card and play gta4 flawlessly.

Everyone with a problem take your frustration out in some games. See me online or STFU!

SaberEdge3459d ago

On the one hand this is exactly what I think Microsoft need to be doing for the 360 and it is in their best interest. On the other hand, I think it is only natural that PC gamers will be disappointed and upset.

The sad thing is, Microsoft can't win with some people.

If they release their games on the PC and 360 simultaneously some people will say that the 360 has no exclusives.

If they release their games only on the 360, some people will say that PC gamers are getting shafted.

If they buy up development studios to bolster their first party output, the way Sony have done, some people will say that Microsoft is throwing their weight around and buying out the competition.

If Microsoft enter into a contract with a 3rd party developer for an exclusive (which is their most common approach), some people will say they are just "buying exclusives".

So, my question to those people is, what can Microsoft do to get exclusives (which is an absolute necessity for every platform) that won't cause you to cry foul?

Tony P3459d ago


Well, bottom line: you're still wrong about the PC thing. I was trying to be nice about it.

Anyway, you're out of bubbles so no point in arguing the matter further.

JokesOnYou3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

The answer is NOTHING, thats what the internet crybabies do, they want their cake and eat it too, they cry about everything. Micro should continue to do exactly what they are doing now; laugh(ignore) the few naysayers and continue to make games available for both 360/PC simultaneously, timed exclusive and a few select exclusives....why not? I mean despite what a few fanboys say on this site their strategy is helping both platforms and games being on PC/360 are NOT hurting 360 game sales, so what if it makes a few fanboys feel better to downplay the 360 because this or that game is on pc...those gamers who refuse to buy a 360 but instead buy windows pc games are just another source of income for micro. lol, I think some people give this site too much credit, I'd be surprised if someone with a real job of importance at micro spent much time on this site....I hope for all 360 owners sake he has something more important to do, lmfao micro isn't going to change a thing as far as this strategy goes.


Gamertags3459d ago

I love petitions. You think that the petition means anything? Heck no.

SaberEdge3459d ago


I agree with you that Microsoft is doing pretty much what they should be doing. Why wouldn't they want to generally give both of their platforms support? Some games exclusively for the 360 only, some for both the PC and 360 ..I think their strategy is a good one. My point, of course, is that no matter which approach they take at any given point in time, there is always going to be a certain group of people there criticizing them for it.

peacock13459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Wasnt this game supposed to be being developed for the PC and then ported to 360 at first ? Heck im sure theres even a vid of intel using it to show the power of a quad core processor somewhere.

Wonder why they changed...

@ Jokes on you

Id disagree, being able to play and game on another platform (even if it is pc) will hurt a consoles sales. Imagen if GT5 or Uncharted 2 was on pc - ALOT of people who may have bought a PS3 but have a decent pc would just pick it up on pc instead.

Microsoft Xbox 3603459d ago

The insanely long dev time it took for it to run on the 360 forced them to cancel the PC version. See what happens when you make big promises of a game having nice graphics on a console that can't handle it.

IaMs123459d ago

I have to say it even tho someone else might have but it sure looks like the PS3 boys are pretty mad lol. As you all can testify every PS3 boy stated they will just buy it for PC, looks like they maybe a little mad. Anyways i had to say it, but im still not happy with that because there are many people out there who dont have either consoles and play PC. Im not saying i like the idea, i dont.

aaron58293458d ago

You may think you sound smart... but no.

You sound like an idiot to me.. that's why you got a disagree from me, and the many others.

mebob3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )


I absolutely agree!!, i hate this stupid stereotypical mentality that console gamers (most who are 360 fanboys) think about PC gamers. You do not have to upgrade every frken year to play the lateset games. A 8800GT which was realse 2 and a half years ago can run nowadays games easily at med- high settings and it will still cream the consoles graphics.


"That what i meant it depends on more than just Ram and video card."

ok? then tell me what else besides those thing and a decent CPU?.

"360 if you want to play it if not go play Crysis or World of warcraft or Shut up! "

Why should they shut up? Complaining is a cheaper alternative then getting a 360...

IMO, M$ is just trying to maximize profits while limiting piracy, They'll convert as many PC gamers to 360 owners as possible (which wont be much since PC gamers are alot smarter then the usual 360 fanboys) then they will milked it enough until it will eventually makes it way to PC.....which is a pretty good idea from a business perspective, form a gamer perspective M$ are jackasses.....

snp3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

"So, my question to those people is, what can Microsoft do to get exclusives (which is an absolute necessity for every platform) that won't cause you to cry foul?"

Easy. Fund development of specific games ground up which are promised to remain XBox360 exclusive from the get go. Don't exploit the PC version for press (which inevitably is higher quality), and most of all don't string along PC users with said version for up to years while it's being culled in back room deals for the benefit of little brother (Xbox).

It's not that hard, is it?

Were this game and Fable and Halo and Gears and whatever to come out as 'Xbox360 exclusive' games with no PC promises/involvement - as Perfect Dark, and quite a few others already have - no one who owns a PC would care less and Microsoft would have their exclusives.

Hildor_muthafo3458d ago

pussies.... seriously. They can do whatever they want, its their game.

Poopface the 2nd3458d ago

have you ever played a PC game before. Go look at the recommended system requirements for assassins creed and tell me a PC with a 256 mb GPU and 1 gig of ram will run it even close to smooth.

Funny you mention Emachines, as you described my computer exactly. I have a 2.4 amd athlon64 wiht 1 gig ram and a 256mb x800 GPU. A few years ago I tried to play the bioshock demo, not even close. It wasnt chopy and downgraded, it just didnt work.

It really depends on the GPU. and your gonna need more than 1 gig of ram. If I wanted my comp to play games as well as ps3/360 id need to upgrade my computer alot.

The only games my comp can run decent is source engine games. And I need to play L4D on lower setting than CS cause of all the zombies on screen.

free2game3653458d ago

It was originally designed as a PC first game, it was only shown running on the Xbox 360 publicly this year. All of the previous footage and that E3 trailer was running off of a developer's PC.

Nikuma3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

..that it was announced for PC and now it's canceled/shelved or whatever. If it was announced as a 360 exclusive from the start no PC gamer wouldn't care. Instead they dangled the game under PC gamers noses and people got hyped about it, and now they're left disappointed.

I personally was going to wait for reviews and more gameplay footage before deciding to get this on the PC, but now I've pretty much just loss all interest in the game. I'm not gonna buy a 360 for one flipping game.

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Sonyslave33459d ago

ahhahah ps3fanboys begging MS to please bring Alan Wake to pc.

NegativeCreep4273459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Correction: He's a F*cking Retard!

Just trying to ruffle some feathers and get some attention since mommy and daddy just lock him in an attic till bedtime.

This in no way compares to the b*tching and hissy-fits MS butt-buddies have displayed trying to get MGS4 on the 360, though.

-MD-3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

I'm donating 250,000,000 of my own personal money to charity to help the poor kids buy an Xbox 360.

Edit: You guys are heartless bastards.

presto7173459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Thats just such a horrible thing to say. You think millions of people just choose to be poor?


EDIT: Why did you change the comment? You should have left it so people will see what you said. Unless of course you are ashamed already.

Stately Gentleman3459d ago

dont make me pimp slap you mofo

-MD-3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Good golly gosh you people are rude.

ZombieNinjaPanda3459d ago

The irony in that is that all the PC fans that want Alan Wake on the pc, their computers probably cost double or triple that of the 360.

-Mezzo-3459d ago

the stupidest comment i have heard.

-MD-3459d ago

I'm enjoying this one.

presto7173459d ago

Just cuz you got M$'s defective hardware doesnt mean you can go around talking that kind of sh1t.

And me? Upset? You must have lost your freaking mind. My glossy, shinny 160gb PS3 is smiling at me right now. You're the one who should be upset.

-MD-3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

You're a goth? Don't tell us these things dude, cut yourself elsewhere.

Stop raging and telling me I'm getting under your skin it's just too easy.

presto7173459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Always trying to sound cunning and sly. Well you know what troll, cut the crap. And I not raging. I'm just saying you said something very stupid.



-MD-3459d ago

I'm not going to apologize for donating my life savings to charity. You sir are evil.

IcyJoker1873459d ago

murder was making fun of poor people but changed his comment!
what a twat he is

presto7173459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

I know you're trying to hide what you said, but those who saw it saw it. Lie all you want, it wont change anything.

EDIT: Thank you IcyJoker for saying it. Expose the troll for what he really is.

He says something, but cant even back it up when the heat is on. Instead runs to hide behind lies. "Donations" my a$$.


-MD-3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

This might be the most fun I've ever had on N4G.

The Final Fantasy 13 announcement from E3 last year was slightly more fun but this is close.

Canadian Guy is making me giggle.

Edit: You guys are all crazy I have no idea what you're talking about! and I don't bubble myself up.

ThatCanadianGuy3459d ago

Wow.Muderdolls just proved to everyone that he is the true scum of N4G.

Even so shameless as to edit his comment and lie.

What a sick, twisted, heartless bastard you are.
Pathetic 360 fanboy.

Nathan1233459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Murderdoll talks about donating money in charity and then bi*ches about PS3 price being high... WHAT A FU*KING BI*CH... And making fun of poor people.... People like you fuc*ing tarnish the 360 name... Seriously, I could take all those trolling statements, but making fun of someone incapable is the limit you f*cking troll. Where are the Mods when you need them...

I say eat his bubbles... Oh wait he/she/it will bubble up with all those multiple.... (don't want to get banned... hoped you understand)

EDIT: Wow that was quick... Lost a bubble as soon as I posted... Might be all those multiple.....

presto7173459d ago

Dude, you lost a bubble? How and why? Did the mods do that?

Hey hey hey!!

WTF is going on here?!!

Nathan1233459d ago

Nah Presto... It might be Murderdolls with all those you know what.... Once I was on 5 and dropped down to 3... then increased to 4 in the past week and now again 3 (thanx to MD)... This fluctuation always happens... At least I don't run and create multiple accounts since even those will be raped by this pathetic system....

ZombieNinjaPanda3459d ago

You guys all lost to the troll...

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Pootangpie3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

first of all that guy is full of hot air it was shown simutationsly for the 360 and PC at X06 with a gameplay build for both versions personally I was going to get the PC version over the 360 one but now I don't really care I still will be able to play it on my 360 it sucks sure but no big loss

rawrockkillz3459d ago

If they really wanted to show off the graphics for this game they would release for the PC as well