Metroid Prime Trilogy : Samus back in action

Nintendo has unleashed a ton of new screenshots for its upcoming release of Metroid Prime Trilogy.

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Hideous Kojima3390d ago

The 3 single best First person games in the market, in one disc, with extras, for only $50? You gotta be mental for not buying this amazing collection of masterpieces.

darthv723390d ago

but I do like the idea of taking the first two and making them proper widescreen support. Now it would be sweet if they tied all three together as if to play from the first right through the third.

Bonus stuff should include something for us metroid hunter players. Maybe some new multiplayer maps or maybe even a link up via wifi.

Saaking3390d ago

I definitely getting this. I really like the first 2 on gamecube and haven't played the third so I'm looking forward to this.

NIN643390d ago

Epic translation fail after jump!

Venox20083390d ago

very good games :) i tell ya!! :D

kesvalk3390d ago

man, i would kill half the world to get this NOW...

gonna content myself playing HL² with zero suit samus MOD...

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