PS3Vault Review: Fat Princess

PS3Vault: 'As soon as Fat Princess was released, we hurried and bought it, despite the £12 price tag. It's been a long road up to release on which we've been watching gameplay videos from the beta like our life depended on it (it doesn't, that would be weird). It's possibly our most anticipated game this month, and it definitely is from PSN.

Why? Well, this is a game in which you had to rescue your Princess from an enemy castle. The enemy make this harder by killing you comically, building defenses and feeding the Princess cake. It's a vaguely controversial idea, if you ask the right people (that link contains offensive language and pretentiousness), that feeding a woman magically addictive and fattening cake to make her gain weight will make her harder to carry and the game easier for you to win. However, screw that paranoid crap – it's a hilarious idea.'

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