AppChatter Review: Minigore

Minigore by Chillingo Ltd. is a 3D survival shooter game featuring a small little fellow by the name of John Gore. John finds himself in the middle of nowhere, but he is not alone. Strange little creatures called furries are all around him. Unfortunately, the furries have extremely sharp teeth and would like nothing better than to feast on him. You play the part of John Gore and must defend yourself from the furries or they will get you.

The controls for this game are unique and ingenious. They operate like two joysticks; one controls your movements and the other the direction in which you shoot. Each joystick is represented on the screen by a circle that follows your finger movements within a larger circle. Each time you touch the firing joystick, your gun fires in the direction that you press it. You have unlimited ammo to shoot the furries, so don't worry about wasting it. Because of this two joystick system, you can shoot in one direction while running in another; a must to survive a game of Minigore. This dual joystick approach to movement and gun control offers great flexibility in the game but also takes a little getting used to. However, once you have the controls down they are actually superbly done.

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