GameShark: Guitar Hero: Smash Hits Review

GameShark writes: "With 48 tracks in all it's hard to argue Guitar Hero: Smash Hits is a poor value. If it were downloadable content for World Tour you'd probably end up spending more than $60 to get it all. And certainly the game accomplishes what it sets out to do. Nonetheless, the whole package sure does feel like a quick, off-the-cuff cash grab. There's no evolution of the core game design and the entirely fictional and over the top rock and roll venues add nothing to the experience (unless you think it would be cool to play at the North Pole or in Atlantis). Unless you've never played the first game or just have to have the vocal and drum parts included, there's almost nothing here you can't get by looking for a cheap deal buying Guitar Hero II or III separately. At least that way you'll end up with far more music to play and enjoy and you won't miss out on some of the real classics they have to offer that Smash Hits passes over".

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