Castlevania, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, and Shockman added to the Virtual Console "Nintendo has announced this week's Virtual Console releases. Castlevania (NES, 1 player, 500 points), Legend of the Mystical Ninja (SNES, 1 player, 800 points), and Shockman (TG16, 1 player, 600 points) will be released today at 12 noon EST on the Wii Shop Channel."

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bung tickler4192d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

legend is a great game... i still have it for my snes... and its 2 player. silly supercharged gamecube... cant handle a 2 player snes game. i still dont understand why people are paying $250 for 5 year old tech.

p.s. im not a nintendo hater, i own all the nintendo systems, aside from the wii. i am a hater of being ripped off though, i wont pay $250 for a system i already own just to play it with a funny controller.

ChickeyCantor4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

in what way are you ripped off?
you make the choice to buy it and it cant be the same hardware, because they used the same structure as they used for the GCN doesn't mean the hardware is the same.
Wii= stronger then the GCN PERIOD.

and there are games for the VC console that support multiplayer up to 8 players.
and legend wasn't that great anyway.

"i wont pay $250 for a system i already own just to play it with a funny controller."

then good luck playing the games for the wii on your GCN =)

ITR4191d ago

If it looks like a troll and sounds like a troll, it just might be a troll.