30° From Games Convention To GamesCom writes: "In recent years the Games Convention in Leipzig has a reputation as one of the major game fairs in the world. Since the stock market not only for people from the industry, such as E3, it was always crowded in the Leipziger Messe."

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TheColbertinator3362d ago

Interesting article.I guess part of the reason Leipzig was no longer hosting The European Games Convention was because the city did not have an international airport.On the other hand Cologne does and allows easier travel for the gaming media making the travel plans.

TheMART3362d ago

And I'll be there in a couple of weeks... I skipped last years Games Convention and thank God I did because it wasn't the best one ever. In 2007 I was in Leipzig and that GC rocked. I bet this year will be a big one again with especially Sony announcing stuff like the PS3 slim and its pricecut if you ask me...

Ah well we'll see. I am happy with Cologne, only 2.5 hours traveling for me compared to Leipzig 10 hours one single trip...