GamerDad Review: The King of Fighters XII

KOF XII is a 2-D, one-on-one fighting game. Like the other games in the series, you choose a team of three brawlers consisting of new and familiar faces from SNK's vast fighter library. The character sprites have all been redone and feature new, hand drawn animations and it's some of the best 2-D graphics found in a fighting game. And just like any other fighter, players utilize intricate joystick movements along with quick button presses to perform special moves and counter-attacks.

The online modes of KOF XII are extensive with varied rankings and plenty of matches. Arcade lovers who enjoyed playing against others will really enjoy the online portions. Unfortunately, the single player modes aren't quite as robust and only consists of an arcade mode that's really a cleverly disguised Time Trial mode, a versus game, and a limited practice mode. More single player options, like a Story Mode to flesh out the colorful characters, or a better Training Mode for beginners would've made KOF XII a contender. As it stands, only fighting game experts who love to play online will enjoy this. Good, but not great.

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