IncGamers Review - Killing Floor

IncGamers' Tim McDonald is knee deep in the dead with Killing Floor.

From the review: "Comparisons with Left 4 Dead are inevitable. Killing Floor is a Steam-based co-op shooter set amidst a zombie (sorry, 'specimen') outbreak, and co-op is emphasised in that solo attempts will almost certainly end in a messy death, probably involving the words 'rending' and 'limb from limb.'"

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AndyA3453d ago

The soundtrack is pretty shocking.

Leord3453d ago

I think L4D is a lot better tbh...

Medievaldragon3453d ago

Hmm, interesting. I might tackle this one. I like sometimes to play a zombie map in Half Life 2: Deathmatch. This one sounds to be like that.

Maticus3453d ago

Bit too gruesome for me.

Chazmers3453d ago

doesn't look too bad but think I'll be sticking to Left 4 Dead

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